A Call to Intercession
Personal Invitation
Experience a direct answer from God
for YOUR own
"I looked for a man among them
who would build up the wall and stand
before me in the gap on behalf of the
land so I would not have to destroy
.Ezekiel 22:30
Manifestations of God's Miraculous Answers to Prophetic Prayer
Intercede with us as Mia prophesies events to
come, watch as the events unfold in our news,
receive a Word in due season & be encouraged!
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Life in the Spirit

We are very excited to introduce our
all new prophecy and dream
interpretation center.

Our mission is to help teach and equip
this generation to hear from God and to
live life in the spirit!

Our new forum has prophetic dream
interpreters and moderators available
and dedicated to helping you learn and
discern what God is saying to you!
What is life in the Spirit? Can I hear from God? How
does He speak? Does God mind if we know the
future? Is it biblical?  Does God speak in dreams?

We are evangelists for life in the spirit!  Our mission is to teach people to
live life in the spirit.  Our desire is to bring God's children into deeper fellowship
with Him and for them to hear from God for themselves. We are all capable of
hearing directly from God, and a very under-rated way is through our dreams.  
Our mission is to teach you to reap a harvest!  The devil has convinced the
world that dreams are flaky because they are the most common biblical method
for God to communicate with His people but our prayer and mission is: They
shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free!

We endeavor to teach you to understand your own dreams because oftentimes
a dream symbol dictionary or charts and how-to books just don't make the
grade but He that is faithful in the little will be given much!

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