The Dream
One month later:

My husband tells me this story today, July 14, 2006:

Joe and I went to buy cigarettes and as we were waiting to cross the bridge a white truck comes flying through
at 70 miles per hour. Police try to stop him and one guy gets his hand sliced open. 12 POLICE CARS flew
after this vehicle.

The truck
slams into the back of another vehicle at 70 mph the force was so incredible I am absolutely sure
any passengers in the vehicle died instantly.

Joe (my husband's boss) runs over to a
FIELD! to see if he can see what is going on!

Suddenly, I'm thinking, I dreamed about this exact thing!  So, I ask, Was the road
newly paved?

What?  My husband asks, confused that I would ask this question in the middle of his story.

"I had a dream"..............and I start to explain the dream above, "but in my dream the road was newly paved."

"Wait a minute!" He gripes, "This is MY story!"

"Just answer the question," I replied.  "Was the road newly paved?"

"Yes", he grumbles.

"Now can I finish my story?"

I told him that the Lord gave me this exact dream to pray for a miracle to happen.  I never have someone
telling me urgently to bless (pray) something in my dreams but the sense was URGENT in this one.  I just knew
the Lord wanted to do a miracle.

My husband was convinced that there was no way a car could hit another vehicle with that much force and
have anyone walk away.

I showed him the print out of this dream from a month prior and he says, "Well, we will see. If that guy survived.
 It'll be a miracle."

police officer who apprehended the man who RAN AWAY from the crash says this:

"Many of us dream of being at the right time at the right place," Villescas said. "Today was one of those
incidents. Fortunate for us, unfortunate for this individual."


Awesome!!!! God is good.  The man runs away!!  Right place, right time?  Sounds like God to me!
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