Miracle Baby!

October 4, 2005
- I write a prophecy down about a miracle baby being born.

Wednesday night (the night of the Business meeting at church) In front of cameras I give the
pastor a prophecy on a little piece of paper that a woman in our church who was unable to
conceive because of fertility problems was going to become pregnant by the power of the Holy
Spirit.  I wrote on the paper that it was most likely to be four months from now but definitely in
the next year.  He speaks the prophecy to the congregation at the end of the meeting.

February 4, 2006 -

A woman at our church who was diagnosed infertile and unable to conceive by doctors tests
positively pregnant.  Nine months later, delivers  beautiful baby girl.

February 12, 2006

I meet her for the first time and hear about her miracle then I remember the prophecy.  I ask
was it February 4th that you heard?  

She says, "YES!"

Four months to the day later.