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7,000 Evacuate Oman
Posted May 29, 2007

Re: Shelters/Evacuations

Something is coming relatively soon that people will be
seeking shelter away from their homes from.

I am not totally sure about this part because it was not
very clear, but I think the shelter is 3 - 5 hours from their

This was similar to the night vision I had with Hurricane
Rita, I did not get any information about a hurricane with
Rita, nor with this vision. With Rita all I saw were people
fleeing from their homes, in this situation all I see is
people seeking shelter away from their homes. Basically, I
have no idea what the people are fleeing from. Only that
coming very soon shelters will be significant.

I expect it to be national news.

If I were to guess I would say it was a hurricane but
guessing doesn't usually do me any good.

Normally, the things I see are about 2 weeks prior but
they can be up to about five weeks (with weather


June 6, 2007

Within 2 weeks of this vision, as prophesied, National
news reports Cyclone Oman causes more than 7,000
people to evacuate their homes.  

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