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The First Principle of Dream Interpretation

When we have a dream from God it is very important that we take the time to hear from
God and learn to understand our dreams without relying on the help of dream interpreters.  
God doesn't want someone else to interpret your communications, He wants you to
understand Him, or at the very least seek Him first.  

How close of a relationship could you have with your earthly father if you spoke different
languages and relied on an interpreter to communicate?  The Lord's desire for us is to
come to know and understand Him personally.

When I was praying to the Lord for His direction regarding what He wanted in the 'How to'
of dream interpretation, the response I received was,

The very next day before I began to work on the teachings He sent word through a very
anointed prophetess close to me to tell me that the Lord was putting it on her heart that we
need to seek HIM to interpret our dreams.

As further proof of this very important principle, the only people in the bible in need of a
dream interpreter were the gentiles. In every example of God giving dreams to His people,
they understood the dreams without the help of an interpreter.  This is not to say there isn't
a time of learning and not to share your dreams with others for confirmation, the point here
is to keep God first in the loop.

Dreams are from Him to us and He wants and desires our fellowship but many people
totally skip over Him in an effort to understand their dreams.  They don't stop to ask Him.  
They don't approach Him for the answer.  They just quickly seek the advice of others for
the answer and never stop to meditate on the dream and to seek His face.

Learning to understand God's messages is important.  To some degree, there is nothing
wrong with sharing your dreams with others, looking up symbols, and seeking a help with
the interpretation but please do these things
after truly seeking God first.  If you seek Him
first, He will always be faithful.   
Whoever seeks, finds.  Whoever knocks, it shall be

Delayed Revelation

Things are hidden temporarily only as a means to revelation. For there is nothing
hidden except to be revealed, nor is anything [temporarily] kept secret except in order
that it may be made known.  
Mark 4:22

Sometimes no matter how hard we seek or try to understand a dream there are no
answers and there is a very good reason why.  The above verse from Mark tells us that
whatever God has temporarily concealed will be revealed in due course and that nothing
shall be permanently concealed.  If we have had a prophetic dream, it
will be revealed in
its proper time.

Sometimes God gives us a dream in the present that we will simply not get at this present
moment, and not a soul on earth will be able to give the interpretation to it until the moment
that God intends for it to be revealed.

My favorite example of this is a dream that I had about my grandmother and I in her home
where I was cooking for her.  At the time, the dream didn't seem to be very meaningful.  It
was just a dream about cooking with my grandmother.

Several months later my grandmother was in the hospital after being found comatose from
a stroke.  I was living in Texas at the time and my grandmother lived in New York.  My
grandmother was refusing treatment, was determined to die, and established a DO NOT
RESUSCITATE order. She also refused an operation that she would very quickly die
without. We were told by the doctor that without the operation she would live maybe two
weeks.  My family fell to pieces.    

God immediately brought that dream to my memory with the revelation....she is not going
to die. Suddenly the meaning became very clear. You will see her again and she will be
well enough to eat, she will be normal.  I totally received the revelation that she was not
going to die and I shared it with my family to comfort them. Exactly as God revealed, she
changed her mind, had the operation, and lived.

God loves to comfort us.  The Holy Spirit is the Comforter.  He will bring dreams to your
remembrance exactly when you need them.  When you are in a trying situation and you
suddenly recall a dream which provides encouragement and revelation, receive that
dream and the peace it is intended to bring, receive the revelation the dream is meant to

Whenever I hear of people facing difficult challenges I want to ask, Have you had any
dreams? I don't because hearing from God through dreams sounds like lunacy to most
people and it is frustrating because I know that whether they pay attention or not God has
sent them a dream to comfort them and they have missed the boat.

The dream of cooking with my grandmother is a testimony for not worrying about receiving
the interpretation of every dream and just letting the interpretation unfold when the time is

A person who looks for a symbolic message in everything would have completely lost
sight of the literal interpretation of this dream.  Many, many, many dreams are little clips of
your future.  In my dream life, more dreams are literal clips of the future than are not.  That
means, they don't have a "message" or an interpretation.  They are exactly what they
appear to be, like in the dream above.  When the time is right, why God sent you the
message will become crystal clear if you are diligent in recording your dreams and are
seeking and waiting on God for the interpretation.

Trust God

Rest in God, trust God.  Take comfort in His ability to get the understanding of dreams to
you rather than being in fear over your inability to understand Him.  If you've prayed,
meditated, sought Him, and only then sought anointed interpretation through prophetic
dream interpreters, just REST!  Either the dream has no meaning or it is for the future.  
Have faith in Him.  

Mark 4:22 Things are hidden temporarily only as a means to revelation. For there is
nothing hidden except to be revealed, nor is anything [temporarily] kept secret except in
order that it may be made known.

I once heard of faith as described like this:

A man was teaching a tribe in Africa, or trying to teach, about what faith was but this tribe
had no word for faith so it was difficult.  Then one day, he passed by a man reclining on a
hammock and, he said, That's it!  That's faith!  Faith is reclining on Jesus!  

We get all wound up when we don't understand dreams because we are depending on our
inability to understand instead of trusting God's ability to get the message through.  
Recline on Jesus.  Trust Him!  Trust His ability to get the message through to you rather
than your ability to understand it!  Take comfort in His goodness!  He will take care of you!

As a testimony to God's excellent ability to get interpretations to us I share the following
dream and interpretation.  

I was on a very fast moving, scary river in a boat that seemed like a canoe.  The water
was moving very fast and the next thing I knew the canoe was about to go over some
waterfalls.  Not only was it about to go over some waterfalls but it was about to go over in
the worst possible place it could go over.  After I went over the falls, the next thing I knew
I was dangling from the edge of a rocky outcrop, which appeared out of nowhere.  I was
dangling from the edge of this rock by my fingertips.  And then, a huge person helped
me down.  After I was helped down I saw huge spiders. These spiders were so big they
looked like king crabs.  I shuddered to even think about how ghastly these spiders were.

I went to intercessory prayer that Tuesday and asked my pastor  to pray for me because I
knew I had some "rough waters" ahead.  (Whenever I get a dream like this, the first thing I
do is to get prayer from every prayer partner that I have.)  Then, after the prayer meeting a
member of the church showed up and we all started talking.  After some conversation we
discussed some other things that I wanted prayer for, so he and another intercessor
began to pray for me. He was not there when I told my pastor about my situation so he had
no natural knowledge of my dream, or my request for prayer, but while he was praying he
suddenly says, "You have rough waters ahead but you will land on The Rock.  Jesus is The
Rock."  At the time of the dream I didn't recognize that the rocky outcrop in the dream, the
one that just happened to save me, was a symbol for The Rock (Jesus).  But God is so
good, when a dream is from Him and when you are acknowledging Him in all your ways,
He will make sure you receive the interpretation that was meant for your benefit.  My
dream was interpreted with the interpreter not even knowing he was interpreting it.  As
they were praying I knew instantly that this was confirming my dream, and encouraging me
that all would end well.  It really isn't so bad to go through a rough patch when the Lord is
telling you that He is going to catch you.  

In the dream above, after a brother prayed for me, I had an interpretation to the rough
waters, God had spoken to me through the brother that I would land on Jesus but I still had
no revelation about the spiders in the dream.  This was important to me because
sometimes spiders represent physical attack, but not in the case.

After I had gone through some rough waters, I wondered, was this it?  Is it over or is there
more to come?  Because it certainly was rough but it could have been worse and I did not
see anything related to a spider.

The next day, my husband and I were looking at houses and I just happened to see some
of the biggest spiders I have ever seen in my life.  When I saw them, I was strangely happy
because I "knew" in my knower that God had given me the spider symbols in the dream
because I was not going to be sure when the rough waters were over.  The hugest spiders
that I've ever seen were His answer!  Hallelujah!  It's over!

He knew I was going to wonder if the ordeal was over so He put the spiders in the dream
to reassure me when it was over that it was indeed over.  He is SO GOOD!  God shows
us these things in advance so that nothing takes us unaware and so that we can be
prepared and prayed up in advance, and to encourage us even before the storm that we
will be taken care of.  He leaves nothing undone.  Praise You, Lord!

There is another principle to this story that is important to mention when seeking
understanding from God.  Do not forsake fellowshipping with the saints.  Because I was
regularly meeting for prayer and surrounded by Spirit filled people I was in a great position
to get further understanding from God.  When we try to go it alone and forsake assembling
together with others from the Body of Christ we seriously limit our ability to receive from
God.  The Body of Christ is meant to benefit from the gifts in one another.

He says,
He who honors Me I will honor, and of those who seek Me I will be found!

After Jose prayed for me, the sum of what I knew about the dreams was this:

I had an interpretation to the rough waters, God had spoken to me that the rock
represented Jesus saving me, but I still had no revelation about the spiders in the dream.  

This was important to me because spiders always represent physical ailments in my
dreams.  I wasn't exactly thrilled to see spiders in my dream and I really wanted to know
what they meant but I didn't get the revelation until later.

Shortly thereafter, I went through a very rough time in life and now I am grateful it is over.

I wondered,
Was that it?  Are the rough waters over or is there more to come?

What I had just gone through certainly was rough but it could have been worse, and up until
this point I did not see anything come to pass that was related to a spider.

The day after I had pondered that question I saw some of the biggest spiders I have ever
seen in my life.  Their webs were ten foot high by ten foot wide and were spun between
huge trees.  Imagine what a web in a jungle would look like and you'll get a good idea of
what I saw..  

When I saw the webs I was strangely happy because I "knew" in my heart that God had put
the spiders in the dream because I was not going to be sure when the rough waters were
over.  The biggest I could ever imagine were my answer from Him.  He knew when I saw
those spiders that they would be remarkable and He knew they would be something that
seriously stood out to me!  He knew I was going to wonder if the ordeal was over so He
put the spiders in the dream to reassure me that my storm was indeed over.  He is SO
GOOD!  God shows us these things in advance so that:

  • Nothing takes us unaware.
  • We will be prepared and prayed up in advance.
  • To encourage us even before the storm that He is with us and He sees us.

He leaves nothing undone.  

There are times when the Lord will use other people to help you understand His messages
to you but resting in Him is so important.  If you trust God, faithfully seek Him, and do not
neglect assembling together with the saints, you will never miss out on what God is saying
to you.  

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one
another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.  Hebrews 10:25

God gave us the body of Christ as a blessing to us.  Sharing and communicating the
things of God, including dreams, is one of those blessings.  Sometimes just sharing our
dreams with others who understand that God speaks through dreams, lifts a heavy weight
or burden because someone else understands and it opens our thinking to receive better
from Him.  Sharing can be a blessing in many, many ways as long as it is not
seeking God first and foremost.  Because if we diligently seek Him with our whole heart
He will speak to us intimately, without the need for someone else to tell us what He is

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