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Interpreting a Prophetic Dream

Should I give an interpretation?

If you don't understand a dream or are usually not quite spot on in prophetic interpretation
simply share what you saw and let the vision speak for itself.  It does not make it any less
prophetic and the bible is our greatest example of that!

When the Lord shows me a prophetic dream for the nation, (such as a storm, or a tornado
doing damage, flooding, a crane hitting a building, the Virginia tech shooting, etc.) when I
post the prophecy, I don't try to interpret it or post a specific interpretation with words
because my words detract from the vision.  The symbols are always right but my words
cannot do them justice if I try to describe the vision with learned language skills, because  I
am a "
seer" (chozeh), which means I get prophetic revelation through visions.

Whereas a prophet (nabiy') receives revelation mainly through auditory manifestations
with spoken words, he does great speaking words with precision because they are not his
words, they are God's words. He is not relying on learned language skills but instead He is
often given specific words to speak and he delivers the message as he hears it spoken.
His message isn't dependent on his natural ability to speak and articulate the message

Sometimes, I receive prophetic revelation in words and it is awesome when I do but that is
not usually the case with visions. I see things in the spirit and then have to use my learned
English language to relate them (to paint a mental picture). Therefore, since I am human
and prone to error, I usually choose to just publish what I have seen and to let the symbols
speak for themselves when the fulfillment comes to pass.

Does the lack of interpretation make the prophecy less prophetic? No.  The bible is full of
prophecies that are not interpreted.  Our generation thinks we know what many of the bible
prophecies mean and I am pretty sure what the visions that I get mean also, but instead of
trying to feebly interpret them with my human ability, and taking away from them by doing
so, I let the visions speak for themselves when the reality is manifested.

If you are trying to understand your dreams and visions but you sometimes don't, relax and
trust God to give you the understanding when, and if, you need the understanding.

                  Copyright 2008 Mia Sherwood Ministries