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Ailment - Drawing attention to the area of sickness or
type of sickness.  IE. Three eyes doesn't mean three
eyes but is drawing attention to a problem with the
eyes.  Bubbles on your sides doesn't mean actual
bubbles but instead is drawing attention to the sides
which could represent an internal ailment.  See illness
and injury.

Accident - A car (or plane, etc.) accident in a dream
can mean any kind of accident.  My daughter dreamt
of a car accident with her son who was injured in the
accident.  His arm was injured.  Several weeks later my
grandson's arm was sprained badly but it was not a car
accident it was a regular accident.  Additionally, I would
like to add that dreams often are more intense and
exaggerated then the real life scenario will be.

Animals, insects, serpents, etc.  

  • What is the animal doing in the dream?  If it
    is attacking that would be a message of a
    coming attack. If it is biting it could mean an
    injury or affliction to the area of the body that
    was bit.  

  • Animals doing things that animals don't
    usually do.  IE.  Fish walking in a dream would
    mean fish on the floor and not in their tank
    where they should be.  Fish that turn into frogs
    would mean fish that jump out of their tank and
    land on the floor where they shouldn't be.

  • Whose animal is this?  It could be an attack by
    the owner.  IE.  Jeffrey's dog is shown in a
    dream acting like a wild dog.  Reality = Jeffrey
    was acting like an animal.

  • What kind of animal?  Animals in dreams often
    represent a problem.  What kind of animal is
    often indicative of where the problem will occur.  
    Shark - problem on the water or with a boat.  
    Alligator - problem on a trip in Florida, etc.

Airplane - Actual airplane, also see automobile below.

Alligator - Fear of harm, Florida, problem, symbolic
attack, physical threat, Leviathan, powerful enemy.

Ants - Industrious, pest, relatively amazing strength.

Arrow - Demonic attack, aka dart.

Automobile or Airplane - See Car theme.  

Automobile or Airplane, etc.  An automobile most often
is a symbol for what happens in our waking life.  If
something happens in your car it is likely to happen
soon in your waking life.

  • Can represent your body (For example:  A small plane
    with one person it out of control and crashing can
    represent a person falling.  A person driving around
    and not finding a parking spot anywhere could mean
    a person who does not fit in anywhere.)  

  • Your life.  (For example:  Driving from the backseat
    unable to reach the brakes can be a life out of

  • Can be an actual vehicle.

  • a means of communication.

  • a means of accomplishing a purpose.

    Automobile accident - Can be actual accident,
    also see accident above, physical health threat.
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