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To Change Your Course
Job 33:15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep
sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds, 16 he may
speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, 17 to turn
man from wrongdoing and keep him from pride, 18 to
preserve his soul from the pit,his life from perishing by the

Warning dreams are often misinterpreted.  So often they are
written off, rebuked, or chalked up to the devil, when that's
the last thing that should happen.  Job 33, above, tells us
that God sends us dreams which are terrifying, dreams that
get our attention, to prevent us from perishing.   Some
dreams that are scary are warning us that this will be the
outcome IF we do not change our course of action - not that
it absolutely will be the outcome.  These warning dreams are
meant to deter us from our current course of action for our

A Call to Intercession
For quite a while I had traumatizing dreams of things that
would later play out identically in the newspaper and I just
couldn't understand why I would see these things.  I am
embarrassed to admit it took a long time for me to realize
that God wasn't showing them to me just to amuse me with
the supernatural.  If you have a dream of something
devastating please assume that God is asking you to pray
for yourself or someone else. The safest thing to do is to
assume that the dream is a call to intercession and to pray.  
In the case of the call to intercession you probably won't get
an interpretation before the reality.  You will just be called to
pray. Warning dreams are definitely for FERVENT PRAYER!
If a dream calls for rug sucking prayer PLEASE DO!  God
gives us dreams of disaster, to intercede for ourselves and
others, so that we will pray for intervention.  If He is showing
us something terrifying it is for a very good reason: Prayer:

Warnings to Pray, Trust God & Be Prepared
Other times a warning dream will foretell a rough patch in
our future that God would not have us ignorant of nor
blindsided by.  Going through a rough patch is not nearly so
rough if:  a.)  You know that it's coming, b.) If God tells you
the outcome before it begins.

I was on a very fast moving, scary river in a boat
that seemed like a canoe.  The water was moving very fast
and the next thing I knew the canoe was about to go over
some waterfalls.  Not only was it about to go over some
waterfalls but it was about to go over in the worst possible
place it could go over.  After I went over the falls, the next
thing I knew I was dangling from the edge of a rocky
outcrop, which appeared out of nowhere.  I was dangling
from the edge of this rock by my fingertips.  And then, a
huge person helped me down.  After I was helped down I
saw huge spiders. These spiders were so big they looked
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like king crabs.  I shuddered to even think about how ghastly these spiders were.

I went to intercessory prayer that Tuesday and asked my pastor  to pray for me because I
do is to get prayer from every prayer partner that I have.)  Then, after the prayer meeting
a member of the church showed up and we all started talking.  After some conversation
we discussed some other things that I wanted prayer for, so he and another intercessor
began to pray for me. He was not there when I told my pastor about my situation so he
had no natural knowledge of my dream, or my request for prayer, but while he was
praying he suddenly says, "You have rough waters ahead but you will land on The Rock.  
Jesus is The Rock."  

At the time of the dream I didn't recognize that the rocky outcrop in the dream, the one
that just happened to save me, was a symbol for The Rock (Jesus).  But God is so good;
when a dream is a message from Him He will make sure you receive the interpretation that
was meant for your benefit.  My dream was interpreted with the interpreter not even
knowing that he was interpreting a dream.
In the end, this dream preceded my separation and a period of my life following the
separation which was horrible.   For a short period of time I began working in the bar of a
local hotel, which led to one problem after another and led to the worst possible situation
for me, but just like the dream foretold about going over the worst possible part of the
river, I truly landed on The Rock.

The Lord reminded me of this dream during the roughest period and it was an
encouragement to me that things would get better, and they did.  This dream was
definitely an encouragement to pray but it was also a good example of the Lord getting
the whole interpretation to us when we don't realize that we've missed an important part.
The Lord wanted to make sure that I understood that the dream was promising me that I
would land on The Rock - because there would come a point in the future where I would
need that encouragement.

On a side note:  This situation is also a good example of why the Lord wants us to be part
of a local body of Christ – He works through the gifts that He has distributed throughout
the body.  If I hadn’t been part of a local body, I may have never gotten the rest of this
interpretation which ended up meaning so much to me.

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