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Dream Worksheet

If you are working on interpreting a dream that would indicate that the dream didn't come to you quickly and easily.  
When we remember a dream it is important to write it down right away so that we don't miss out on important details.
The only way to find out if a dream has a message from God in it is to respect it and to seek an answer.  The best
way to do that is by prayer and meditation and the actual effort of seeking.

What filling out this worksheet accomplishes is that it places us in a position to receive from God.  Our mind is turned
toward Him and His messages to us.  We are focused on the message and our thoughts are not sifting through a
thousand other things at the same time.  When we mull over the elements of the dreams and the symbols it actually
places us in a position to receive a message of revelation from God that we would not have stopped to listen and
give our ear to if we did not receive this message.

Dreams are like a divine appointment from God.   A symbolic dream is like receiving a message that God called and
would like to speak with us.  The dream is God inviting us in to hear from Him.   When we receive a symbolic dream it
causes us to stop and think them over to understand what God is saying to us.    It's the stopping to meditate that
places us in God's presence.

At the point that we receive the message dream from God, it is our choice as to whether or not we want to go.  If we
put our lives on hold to meditate on the dream thereby putting ourselves in that quiet place while we meditate on the
message, we are accepting the invitation and engaging God's presence.   When we engage God's presence by
accepting His invitation we come into a meeting with Him where He will deliver His message to us through revelation
rain, sometimes one slow drop at a time.

Dreams are an invitation from God to stop in and hear what He would say to us and that is why they are symbolic. He
doesn't necessarily want to give us a message via email or snail mail, one that we would quickly understand outside
of His presence.  He wants to talk to us. He wants to enjoy our presence.  He loves us and wants to meet with us.  
Symbolic dreams from Him are an invitation to come and hear from Him in the secret place!

For this reason, it is very important that YOU learn to interpret your dreams and take the time to learn.  God does
not want to speak to you through an interpreter for the rest of your life.  There may be times that an interpreter will
be necessary but that is not the standard.  The standard is that God gives you message dreams because He wants
to talk directly to YOU.

In that case, let's fill out the worksheet, get quiet and engage God!

First, pray.  Ask God to reveal the meaning to you.  If you are not sure if the dream is from God, ask Him to make it
plain.  The most important thing to do in dream interpretation is to seek Him first!  Without the aid of the Holy Spirit
our interpretations will be as faulty as we are.

Habakkuk 2:1
I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me, and what answer
I am to give ...........

Usually if the Lord is answering a prayer from the night before it's obvious and I don't have to ask myself but the first
question is:

What is on your heart that you may have been praying or thinking heavily about the day or
week/month prior to the dream?

For most people, their dreams will reflect their lives.  What is going on in your life right now that God is talking to you
about?  When I pray a very serious, heavy prayer the night before God always answers me in my dreams that night.  
Does this dream fit in anyway a prayer you prayed before bed?  If you didn't pray before bed you would be surprised
what God will say to you if you do.

 Next, write out the dream.

3.)  Now, leave out the details in the dream, the symbols, the actions, etc., and only write how each and
symbol, action, word, situation, etc., made you feel.

4.) How did it turn out?

If a dream is a message for you it will have an outcome.  It won't leave you dangling.  If it doesn't have an outcome it
may be speaking about something troubling your heart but not necessarily have a message with direction in it.

For instance, a dream with two shoes pointing in different directions would say to me that the person doesn't know
which way to go or needs direction in their life.  There really isn't a message other than they need direction.

What is the overall theme?

After determining the outcome, what is the overall theme of the message?  For instance, is the message about an
upcoming trial that leaves you angry?  Is it a scary situation where you feel out of control?  Are you rejoicing
because of some blessing?  Are you awed at God's power?  Are you victorious over a snake?

I had a dream where I saw four snakes at work.  I didn't get a message of the outcome of this dream, I just saw four
snakes in the rafters at my place of employment.

Within the next two months I had four very serious problems at work that I had absolutely nothing to do with creating
and there was nothing I could have done to prevent them.  The theme for me in this dream is four problems coming -
this is a warning
requiring prayer.

If you've already established the outcome, establishing the overall theme will tell you in what area of your life the
outcome pertains to.  If the dream does not clearly illustrate an outcome the dream may be a warning of what is
coming and the outcome will likely come in a consecutive dream.

6.)  Where did it occur?

Next, which area of your life is the dream showing you that it affects?

In my dream above, I knew I had four problems headed my way and I know from the dream that they are at work.

Keep in mind when noting the place of the dream that they are sometimes symbolic and in that case it requires a
little more revelation in understanding which area of your life the dream is relating.

Two people that I know dreamed in the same night of a jail.  One dreamed they were going to go to a Mexican jail
because they did not have their FM-4 which allows them to legally work in Mexico.  In the end they didn't end up in
jail after all.

The other person dreamed he had to go get the youth group out of a Mexican jail.

After being interpreted neither of those dreams meant a literal Mexican jail.  The first dream meant that there was a
trial or a problem that person was or would be going through with regarding to a problem at work.  The dream was a
message to the dreamer about the outcome:  Their fear pertaining to their job would not materialize.

The second dreamer was getting ready to preach a message that was weighing heavily on his heart.  He was
praying diligently that this message would set the youth free from a very serious attack against our youth.  He had
great concern for them and wanted to deliver them from this bondage.  The dream reflected to the dreamer what
was weighing heavily on his heart.

Who was in the dream?

As you can see by the two above dreams, the people in the dream and the theme of the dream gave clues as to
what the dream was about.  For the first dream, it centered around the dreamer and it was obviously about the
dreamer and his job.  For the second dream, it was about the children at church and the dreamer's concern for the
youth group.

Again, using the two above Mexican jail dreams as examples, if the first dreamer had looked at what was weighing
heavily on him regarding his work, he would take the message from this dream and take comfort in the answer - your
fear is not going to come to pass.  The second dreamer, would recognize that the thing weighing heaviest on him at
that time was the youth group. Often when we are going through very difficult times, God gives us the answers that
we need to overcome and get through the storm.  Unfortunately, many people don't know that not only is God willing
to tell us the outcome, He will speak to us about the battle every step of the way.  

Job 33:14-18
14But God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. 15He speaks in dreams, in visions of the
night when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in bed.  (NLT)

If you still have trouble after working through the worksheet, submit a dream to the Prophetic Dreams Interpretation
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