April 18, 2013
Ugly Squash Update

Oh how things change.....

My squash were doing very well (see the March update below) and for some reason I
thought it would be a good idea to fertilize them so that they would do better.  Bad, bad....
one more... bad idea.  I followed the directions... I thought.... and now I have burnt leaves
and leaves that stand straight up, deformed squash.. those squash that  haven't fallen right
off the plant that is, and overall deterioration of once healthy, almost productive, plants.

I'm trying to flush the
fertilizer out of the soil but right now it just seems to be making things
worse.  I'm hoping they recover but it doesn't look good.

When to fertilize?  My new motto is:  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


February 16, 2012
Squash Tips

The above are little squash plants all nestled in their mulch.  The little black things in the straw are
the plant buckets that plants come in when you bring them home from the nursery.  I dug holes in
the dirt, put the buckets in only leaving about half an inch above the soil line.  Then, I planted two
squash plants on either side of the buckets.  This way, I water the roots directly.

I live in Florida and the soil is very, very sandy.  It doesn't absorb water well and it doesn't retain it
well either.  While squash loves sandy soil, it still needs water to get to it's very deep roots.  By
watering this way I don't need to plant my squash in hills and they get all the water they need
directly to their roots.  Plus I have another added benefit: don't have to waste water on soil that
doesn't need watering.  This helps deter weed growth and, as a result of not watering the weeds,
there is much less weeding.

This is another squash patch.  In this patch, I ran out of nursery buckets so I took a big Maxwell
House Coffee can and I drilled holes into it before planting it in the dirt.

This is a second squash patch in another part of the yard.  I have three squash around each
container.  I ran out of nursery containers so I took an empty Maxwell House coffee can (plastic)
and I drilled holes in it and used that instead.  

March 12, 2013
Squash Update

Works like a charm!

It's less than a month later and my squash look great!  They are usually 55 days to maturity but it
looks like this plant isn't going to need that long before it produces its first squash.

My squash are grown in VERY sandy Florida soil and they are thriving!  If you look closely, I have
three tiny baby squash waiting to be pollinated (which I plan to insure by pollinating myself) and the
plants are a beautifully vibrant green!

I placed a cup around the base of the stem to protect from cutworms and I plan to wrap the bottom
two inches of the stem in aluminum foil to protect against the Squash Vine Borer.  The last thing I
did to protect the plant without pesticides is to plant Icicle Radishes (the little green plant in the
picture) to deter squash bugs.

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