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Kitchen Ramblings
aka Home & Savings
April 18, 2013
Twenty Days of Deliciousness

This is the start of my twenty days of deliciousness.  My goal:  To make twenty
new/delicious meals in the next month with as many OAMC meals as possible so
that with all my free time I can brush up on my Candy Crush Saga skills.

I am tired of the same ol' same ol' menus, and quite depressed at the thought of
making one more meal under $2 so I hopped on pinterest and found some of these
beautiful wonders.  Anything that made me want to lick the computer monitor went
into the 'To-do' folder.

This is this week's Screen-Lick-Worthy List:


Chicken Florentine

Drunken Shrimp

Zucchini Frites

Spectacular Salisbury



April 13, 2013                                                     
$6 off ANY Physician's Formula Make-up

This is not the greatest bargain ever but it's good enough to share.  CVS has a $6
off any Physician's Formula make-up with a regular price of $6.49 or more.  

My favorite concealer and color corrector happen to be $6.49 which makes them
.49 cents each.  I also decided to try the concealer in the picture for $1.99.  It's okay.
  It's probably the same formula as the stuff I use that comes in a lipstick tube, only
the one in the compact is.... well, more compact - which I like but it isn't worth the
extra expense.  Plus, I bought an additional two of the others so I won't need
concealer or color corrector for a loooooooooooong time.

I also got a rain check on PF eyeliner markers which are normally $7.49, making
them the cheapest eyeliner, without a coupon, to be had.

I will probably go back today to see if there are any other things that I need and look
for another rain check opportunity.


April 2, 2013
Smitty's Hots Coney Hot Sauce

This recipe is the hot sauce we used at my restaurant for our garbage plates.  It was
VERY popular.  My daughter is opening the drive-in on Monday so I thought that I
would share the recipe with everyone.

1 lb. ground beef
2 onions, minced
3 cups of beef gravy (or 5 teaspoons beef base and 2 1/2 cups water)
1 tablespoon chili powder
3 -4 cloves garlic
2 teaspoons paprika
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoons worchestershire
2 teaspoons tabasco

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March 21, 2013                                                          
Revamped Ratatouille

My mother bought some eggplant and asked me to make something with it.  A
couple weeks ago I made a lactose-carb free Eggplant Parmesan that everyone
loved so she wanted something like that again.

She didn't buy enough eggplant to make the Parm, and I already had turkey thawed
for dinner so I decided to make something similar to Ratatouille with the vegetables
that I had on hand.  I couldn't duplicate Ratatouille because I had no squash but I had
a bunch of Baby Bellas, so I used the Baby Bella mushrooms instead and I think that
I liked it better than the original version of Ratatouille.

Baby Bellas are button sized Portabello mushrooms which are picked before they
mature into the huge Porabellos that we see in the grocery store.  I like them
because they have a much deeper mushroom flavor th

My father isn't usually an eggplant lover (or liker, for that matter) but he loves turkey
and mashed potatoes, which is what I served with my version of Ratatouille.  

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March 18, 2013                                                          
Sweet Shoppe

My mom and I went to the thrift store yesterday.  We were looking for computer
cables.  They had the exact cables that we were both looking for.  Yay!

As I was browsing I heard my mom call me over to look at some dishes. My mom is
always calling me over to look at some great deal, at which time I usually
enthusiastically nod  my head like I'm agreeing with her and then I point at something
in the opposite direction and say, "Oh wow!  Look at that!  There goes the Easter
Bunny!"  To distract her from trying to talk me into buying whatever she is oogling at
the moment.  It usually works, unless it's Christmas time and then I pretend I saw

When I got over to where she was I saw her holding a tea pot, "Doesn't this remind
you of Alice in Wonderland!?",  she enthused.

Actually.... It does.  It's adorable.

"Oh my gosh!  That is so cute!  I love it!"  I really loved it.

I don't know how it happened but I was not my usual uninterested self.  I completely

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March 15, 2013                                                          
Free Spackle

CVS was extra nice to me again this week and it was perfect timing because I was running
out of mascara.  I kept putting off buying more because I was sure a good deal would
eventually come along and it did!

I signed up for CVS Extra Care email because if you do they will send you great coupons if
you're lucky.  

This week Almay was on sale.  Spend $10 and get $4 ECB.

Last week, the red box was giving $3 off $10 Almay coupons.

Coupons.com had Save $5 when you buy 2 coupons, of which I was able to print two.

And on Thursday CVS sent me a coupon to save $4 when I spend $20.

Plus I had a $10 ECB from
this transaction.

So, it went like this:

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March 15, 2013                                                          
Spaghetti & Meataballa

This isn't the greatest picture.  I really need a better camera.... or a photographer.   
I'll settle for either.  Maybe just better lighting.  The lighting is definitely off.  Imagine
that's a perfect picture and it makes you hungry.  

I've done it. I'm hungry.

This is a very budget friendly recipe because we've made the meatballs smaller so
there are more on the plate and your eye thinks, Lots of meatballs!  Smaller
meatballs means smaller serving of meat.  Plus, I've replaced 1/3 of the beef with
ground turkey which Save-a-Lot often has on sale for $1 per pound.  Bring my meat
cost to $1.76 per pound and everyone RAVED over them.

This recipe is my meatloaf recipe which I also use for my meatballs. I make big
batches for
OAMC whenever I cook so I would quadruple this recipe and save tons
of time later on by cooking one batch for dinner and then separating the rest into
three freezer bags for three separate dinners later on.  I don't cook them in advance
because I never know if I'm going to want meatloaf or meatballs and this way it's
more flexible than cooking it in advance and just reheating later on.

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March 9, 2013
Budget Menu - $50 Grocery Budget

I've challenged myself to live on a $50 per week grocery budget for the next two
months.  There is obviously something very wrong with me because is my idea of
fun.   I love budgeting and menu planning.   I find it very relaxing to sit down and write
out a menu, a shopping list, and a budget for the week.  To start, I make a list of
what is on sale at the grocery store, then I check my stock, and then I make a menu.  
Once my menu is made, I write out my shopping list.  Then, I stick to it!

I have found sticking to a budget means finding a babysitter for children.  The desire
to give to those under three feet tall leaves me powerless to stop myself from going
over budget.  Therefore, I do not take adorable children with me.  I find it's better to
plan to bake them cookies or some other homemade treat rather than waste money
on impulse fueled garbage.

So this week I'm starting with my freezer.  I do
OAMC regularly so I won't have to
cook much this week but I am going to be posting the recipes for the things that are
on my menu.


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