February 14, 2012
Garden Bling

I am so excited about gardening in Florida!  I love to garden and about a month ago I
thought I probably should get started since my sister's garden already had radishes but  I'm
from New York so it never occurred to me to start a garden so soon but now I realize that I
lost months and months that I could have been planting cold season vegetables, which I
could be eating right now.

This winter has been very warm, even by Florida standards, so I might not be very
successful in planting my cool season vegetables but I'm trying anyway.  It might not be the
best idea to start them now because I'm also ready to plant my warm season vegetables
and I have limited space at the present time but I'm going to do it anyway and try to
experiment with some foreign garden concepts, like interplanting, to make it work.

Obviously, the first thing I did was to start my seedlings for transplant.  The cold season
vegetables I direct sowed and my warm season vegetables I started in seed trays like this

Next, I had to fix my soil.  Florida is full of sandy, very fast draining soil.  It doesn't soak up
water very well and when it does it drains right away.   It stays dry no matter how much you
water it.  This also causes a problem because it washes the good stuff (nutrients) out of the
soil so the plants are perpetually thirsty and starving at the same time.  Not good for

So, I added a lot of this.......

and this.  Pretend that it's compost.  I forgot to take a picture of the compost.

I'm sort of doing the square foot gardening method but instead of planting in raised beds,
which would require me to buy lumber and assemble the structure to hold the soil (which I
would cut a finger off trying to do.. oh, I wouldn't need a saw??  See?  Carpentry is not my

Instead of raised beds, I'm digging up the soil about eight inches deep in garden beds and
then putting in new dirt only where I will actually be planting vegetables instead of where my
foot paths will be.  I don't care how good the soil is where I will be walking and if you can
see by the straw (below and multiplied by two) that's a lot of extra soil to replace.

Those little grave lookin' thingys are my veggie beds.  Only the foot paths are mulched right
now but as the vegggies get bigger I will mulch the entire bed like I did for the squash

What garden would be complete without bling?  Here is my very own, painted me'self,
Garden Bling:

Adorable, isn't it?

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