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A Biblical Foundation
relationship with God.   Since the day that I began seeking God through dreams and visions one of the
greatest blessings in my life is learning that when we pray we can expect an answer back, in this lifetime,
and even this week.

The majority of today's society has a mixed up idea of what prayer and hearing from God truly is.  I can
remember a time in my life when I was taught, and I also thought, that prayer was asking God for things.  I
actually felt as though I did my religious duty for the day if I asked God for something.  I may not have been
specifically taught that prayer was a one-way conversation with God but I definitely assumed that it was.

On one particular day, in the middle of working at my desk, I can remember asking God for something -
taking approximately fifteen seconds to do it and actually feeling as though I fulfilled my religious obligation
for the day (or even the month).  Then, I went right back to working without giving it a second thought.

I was abruptly interrupted not long afterward with one of the first very clear messages from God, to me.  He
said, "Are you going to serve me or do you expect me to serve you?"

In that one question God captured the essence of what my perception of Him was.  I perceived prayer to be
dropping off my laundry list of things that I expected Him to answer and, admittedly, I viewed God as some
Intergalactic Dispenser of Prayer Requests.  Although God does answer prayers for the ignorant, as He did
for me for many years - sometimes incredibly, this method of treatment will not yield much in the pursuit of
divine communication and manifestation of the presence of God in your life.

While preparing to explain how God communicates to us through dreams and vision the Lord showed me a
vision of a scene from the movie Aladdin.  In one particular scene the genie is explaining how frustrated he
is with being a genie always at the beck and call of a rub of the lamp.  He illustrates this by popping up with
a "POOF", and says, "What do you need" and then, repeats this illustration several times, "POOF"....."What
do you need"
, "POOF".............. "What do you need."

This is how people see God and treat Him, as though He were a genie in a bottle whom is only brought out
when there is a need to be met, expected to answer immediately, and then to return right back to the bottle -
but He wants to have a relationship, with two way communication, with each of us.

In spite of the fact that some people treat God like a genie in the bottle, He still answer prayers simply
because He is good but there is much more to prayer than this. There is a true, living, breathing,
relationship with the God of all Creation within our prayer life.  God wants to talk to you, He wants to answer
the questions you have of Him, and He is answering them, but are your recognizing His voice when He
speaks to you?

When we begin to seek God simply for Who He Is, and when we seek Him with our whole heart - He
responds.  Unfortunately for many, they do not recognize Him when He is speaking and so, they accuse
Him of not answering their prayers and the growth of a developing interactive relationship with Him is halted.

Job 33:13 13 Why do you complain to him
that he answers none of man's words [NIV] ?
14"Indeed God speaks once, [NASB)]
Or twice, yet no one notices it.
15"In a dream, a vision of the night,
When sound sleep falls on men,
While they slumber in their beds,
16Then He opens the ears of men,
And seals their instruction,
17That He may turn man aside from his conduct,
And keep man from pride;
18He keeps back his soul from the pit,
And his life from passing over into Sheol.

This scripture illustrates the way that God responds to our prayers.  It is through our dreams but we don't
recognize it.  We speak to God in our carnal, human, language and He replies to us in His spiritual
language - through dreams and visions.  Somehow we've lost sight of this profoundly important principle in
scripture, a principle that is written as plain as day:  When man prays, God responds through dreams, and
as a result they don't recognize it.  

God spoke to man through dreams and visions in almost every key bible account:  Abraham, Jacob,
Joseph, Solomon, Saul, Gideon, Laban, Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, Joseph - Mary's husband,
Pilot's wife, and Peter to name few.  Unfortunately, instead of recognizing that God speaking in this fashion
was common we have been taught that these are exceptional situations. The reality was, and we get a
glimpse of it in the story of Joseph, that people expected to hear from God through dreams and visions and
they were well versed in symbolism.

In the story of Joseph, we see that he tells his brothers and his father his dreams. Neither his brothers nor
his father spent any time wondering over what the symbols were, they recognized the symbolism
immediately and were quite offended by what the dream suggested.  Their keen perception of the
symbolism in Joseph's dream suggests they were very fluid in dream interpretation.  Jacob no doubt taught
his children that God speaks through dreams and visions and undoubtedly recounted the number of
incredible dreams in which God spoke to him,  as a result they expected to hear from God and paid close

One could make the assumption that Jacob, Joseph, and Pharaoh were special.  Of course God would go
out of His way to talk to them through their dreams, but I'm not special so I don't expect it to happen.  I
believe the Lord put the dreams of the baker and the butler in the bible to dispel any such assumption.  
While the butler could also be considered significant since the interpretation of his dream led Joseph to
Pharaoh's court, the baker's dream held no so such significance.  There was virtually no value in giving him
a dream of the future,  other than as a biblical example that no matter who the individual was they expected
to receive divine messages through their dreams and visions, and they did.  

The butcher and baker were everyday people given prophetic dreams of the future, taking the messages
seriously, and seeking an interpretation.  Biblically, people expected God to speak through dreams so the
first thing that they did with their dreams is to tell them, they sought an interpretation, and then they acted on
the interpretation.

How can we expect to communicate with God when we've been taught that His primary means of
communicating with us is not valid?  We've been tricked into believing that God definitely speaks He just
isn't speaking to us yet.... because we aren't holy enough yet or we aren't good enough yet or maybe He just
doesn't talk to everybody.  When the truth is, He has been talking to us all of our lives.  We just haven't
recognized it.  Think how effectively we've been cut off from God because we have believed that dreams
are not a valid form of anything.  

We've been taught by our society that the way God speaks to us, through dreams - as the bible establishes,
is not valid. We've been taught that our dreams are rehashing the days events or various other lies meant to
destroy communication between God and His children.  It is time that we wake up and begin fellowship with
the Lord like we were meant to be: Speaking to Him and hearing Him speak back.

Who would benefit from convincing us that God is no longer speaking to us through dreams and visions?  
Who would benefit from cutting off our communication with God?

God's enemy has convinced us that we have never experienced God speaking to us.  God's enemy has
convinced many of usof  the following lies regarding communication with God:

  • God only speaks in a voice you can clearly hear.
  • God sends an angel to become physically manifested when He wants to speak with us.
  • God's voice is something we don't have the skill to discern.
  • We haven't reached that spiritual place where God will speak to us.
  • We aren't good enough.
  • God just isn't going to talk to us because He stopped communicating with people when the bible was
    written, or when the last apostle died.

The truth is, God speaking to us is so common that our enemy has had to convince us that His voice is not
His voice (dreams and visions) to keep us from the benefits of a relationship with Him.

How ridiculous is it to think that the God who created us for fellowship with Him stopped interacting with us
through dreams and visions, the way He has always interacted with humans, and instead expects us to
simply know Him through the bible instead of through a real, interactive relationship with Him?

The world needs less religion and more of a relationship with God.  We need to have a REAL relationship
with Him.  One where we hear Him, speak to Him, look to Him for guidance when we need it with full
assurance that He is truly going to answer us because He will and He wants to.

God has not stopped communicating through dreams and visions. The manner in which He communicated
in biblical times still applies today! Dreams and visions occur in this day and age. God still communicates
with us through them, so it is important that we understand dreams and visions in order to fully receive His