Prophecy of Bird Flu

March 2006

The first dream the Lord gave us of an illness related to birds was the day before the first case of Bird
Flu in the media, back in September 2005.  You can see that at our Yahoo! Group.

The second dream that God gave regarding bird flu was
(message number 296) in February 2006.  

The day before we posted the above link to our dream group, we shared it with an intercessor from
church, Fira, whom upon hearing the vision, without hearing our interpretation, said she saw chicken fat.

The interpretation of the vision is that the vision was of bird flu.  Bird flu will be a threat mainly to birds,
dogs, cats, and other furry mammals mainly.  

The world is going to scare everyone by predicting that this is going to be a world epidemic and this
thing is going to hit all of us and cause a major plague.  

Bird Flu is not going to plague us as predicted.  We may see some small effects from bird flu but it will
be nothing nearly as bad as the world predicts.


The day the above message was posted to our dream group, the first case of bird flu is found to infect
a species outside of people and birds,
in a cat, and is announced to the world.  Several weeks later bird
flu is found in weasal or similar type of furred mammal.

Update 2008:  As perfectly foretold, this supposed world epidemic DID NOT manifest and to GOD BE
THE GLORY for comforting His people in advance!  Thank You, Lord!