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Baby - Ministry, something time consuming, energy
consuming, strong focus, an obsession, a real baby.  See
baby theme.

Baking - Placing a bun in the oven, pregnant.

Bathroom - Depends on the focus.  See below:  

Fixing up the bathroom - healing of a urinary tract
infection.  (I had a kidney infection that began as a UTI that
swiftly progressed to my kidneys.  Then, I dreamed that my
bathroom was restored perfectly.  I knew this symbolized
that I would recover soon.)

Showering - can mean cleansing.  

Beach - Can be literally a shore or it is the meeting of
water and land which symbolizes the meeting of heaven
and earth.  For a person to be on the shore or on a beach
represents they are straddling the fence between two
worlds about to leave one for another.  President Lincoln
dreamed this dream the night prior to being assasinated: “
found myself in some singular, indescribable vessel
approaching an indefinite shore."
 In modern English:  I
was in unique, indescribable vessel approaching an
endless shore.

Beads - See jewelery.

Bear - Bear market, Mighty men of war, Russia, kings,
wicked ruler, predator, violent and enraged like a bear
robbed of her whelps, miscarriage

Bees - Actual bees.  Prophetess (from the Hebrew word
Deborah), if the dream seems symbolic and not a real life

Bee stings - Hives, acne, other skin imperfection which
look like what a bee sting would look like, can be a bee
sting but usually is not.

Bedroom - Engagement, intimacy, private matter.

Bed or Couch - Contract, agreement, adultery,
temptation, or a bed.

Bicycle - Intimate relationship, person of interest or

Bird of Prey: Isaiah 46:11" From the east I summon a bird
of prey; a man to fulfill my purpose."; prophet, a vessel, or
missionary of God.

Biting - (from the Greek word: dakno) to wound the soul,
cut lacerate, rend with reproaches, physical affliction.

Black - Death, evil, not usually associated with anything
good.  Every dream I've ever seen with black animals has
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Black cloud or black swarm - illness (like the black cloud of flying gnats in the green
Click for image.

Blue - Ministry, sadness, spiritual
Blue eyes - In dreams, the person with the most incredible blue eyes that you've ever
seen is often Jesus.

Boar - Swine

Box - Can represent anything square.  ATM.

Boss - Symbol of any boss, not necessarily the one who appears in a dream.

Blister-like Bubbles or Unusual Physical Sickness/Illness Symptoms - Drawing
attention to the area of sickness or type of sickness.  IE. Three eyes doesn't mean three
eyes but is drawing attention to a problem with the eyes.  Bubbles on the sides doesn't
mean actual bubbles but instead is drawing attention to the sides.

Bracelet - See jewelery.

Bread -  Body of Christ, Word of God, daily bread or manna, food, spiritual food, Israel.

Bridge - Driving off the edge of a bridge - fear of lack/loss of control, lack of comfort or
stability, fear of the future, Walking on a foot bridge or pier.  See

Bullets - ammunition, lack of or supply of power, also see being shot.

Buttons in your mouth: Button your lip aka hold your tongue.