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Cabinets: Kitchen - upper and lower digestive track.

Canal - Can represent our intestines.  Can represent a
time in our lives if it includes moving on the water.

Car - See car theme.

Cats - Catty women, evil spirits, attack or upcoming
confrontation, people, children.  See

Chain - If a chain for a pet, handing someone the chain
would be handing over the reins.  Can represent bondage
if wrapped around a person.

Check - Winning a financial battle, a legal win, miraculous

Church - Actual church, School, Public speaking class.

Clay - Weakness, Christian in the Potter's hand.

Cliff - Edge of Close to danger, difficult situation.

Colored floating orbs -  Demons or evil spirits.

Color, multi-color anything - coming from Father (Like
Joseph's coat of many colors).

Cooking - a new idea, as in cooking up something,
If you have something brewing on the stove or in the oven:
you have something you are working on…possibly a book
or a website or other new thing.

Couch or a Bed - Business Contract or agreement.

Cowboy - Jesus, down to earth.

Crack pipe - Crack pipe, addiction, stronghold.

Crown: A crown stands for many things in the bible...the
Lord crowns the humble with salvation, a prize, authority,
your head, pride, a gift God has given, blessings,
righteousness, wisdom, knowledge, grandchildren (prov
17:6), everlasting joy, beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3)
splendor (Isaiah 62:3),

To crown someone is to bestow a blessing, to be exalted.
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