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Family members or various people - represent
themselves and/or sometimes they are a symbol for the
place they live.  I dreamed of a hurricane that my
grandfather was in.  He wasn't in it, in actuality, but the
hurricane struck land within 50 miles of his home.   Once
this hurricane became a reality  I knew where it was going
to land.  However, initially the forecasts were forecasting it
making landfall at the Texas/Mexico border.  I knew long
before the scientists that it wasn't going to be the case.  In
fact, I told my family who found out how accurate dreams
can be.  The hurricane did a 180-degree turn and hit
Florida exactly as my dream predicted two weeks before
the hurricane was even a blip on the radar.

Famous person - worldly, could be someone who looks
simliar to someone that you know, could represent the
famous person needing prayer.

Farmer - Christian or real farmer.

Feelings - See feelings theme.

Fetters - bondage, addiction.

Flames - Actual Wild Fire, persecution, refinement, trial
by fire.

Fish - Christians, fish, swimming. provision
fish walking = cover your fish tank.
Click here for the page of prophetic dreams of fish.

I had a prophetic dream about fish walking.  In the dream I
was creeped out.  The fulfillment was a few weeks later.  I
was in a fish store and felt something crunch under my
boot.  There were four fish on the floor.  Being on the floor
was what the walking represented.  When an animal is
doing something they don't normally do it often represents
something to do with that action.  Walking - we walk on the
floor, fish don't.  

Fishing - witnessing (fishers of men).

Flying - supernatural gifts, spiritual realm, walking in the
glory - out of body experience, freedom, extreme joy, or
very significant success.
Flying high: reaching higher spiritual goals
Flying low: FLY HIGHER!!!

Frog - Frog that should be in the water but is not:
Christians or other people whom are not in the spirit (most
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frogs should be in water which is the Spirit).  Could mean the action a frog makes:  

Fruit - spiritual gifts; fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, purchases, prosperity

Funeral - Spiritual death, end of a chapter of your life, literally can mean death as in
Abraham Lincoln's funeral:  During the first week of April 1865, the Union was on the very
brink of victory, and the end of the American Civil War was imminent. Nevertheless,
President Abraham Lincoln reported a disturbing dream to his wife and others.

Lincoln said that while sleeping, he'd sensed a “death-like stillness” in the White House
and began to hear “a number of people” sobbing.  In his dream, he went downstairs to the
East Room, which was full of a great throng of mourners.  At one end of the room he
found “a catafalque, on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Around it
were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards, so he asked them who had died.  One
soldier responded, "The President, sir.  He was assassinated.”  To which the great throng
of mourners let out a pitiful wail.