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Jail - Bondage, captives, serious trouble.

On the same night, two leaders in a former church that I
attended dreamed of a Mexican jail.  One dreamed they
were going to go to a Mexican jail because they did not
have their FM-4 which allows them to legally work in
Mexico.  At the end of the dream they didn't have to go
jail after all.  The other person dreamed he had to go get
the youth group out of a Mexican jail.

The first dream meant that there was a trial or a problem
that person was or would be going through.  The dream
was a message to the person about the outcome:  Their
worst fear would not materialize and it was pertaining to
their job.  The second was a cry from the heart about the
children of the church being in bondage to the world and
the ministers determination to do something about it.

Jewels/Jewelery  - If you see jewels inset into
something in the dream that is not normally jewel
encrusted (ie. jewel encrusted cloud) the symbol is a
divine dream.

If given a gift of jewels in a dream (especially by a person
whose face you cannot see clearly (Jesus) = spiritual

Pearls (pearl of great price) = Kingdom of heaven.

Jewelry: making beautiful jewelry is to create a beautiful
work for the Lord, working in ministry, writing a book,
publishing the gospel.
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