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Dictionary  Words that begin with M

Mall - Stock market, marketplace

Man -  See people.

Man whose face you can't see - Jesus, Holy Spirit, or
sometimes The Father.

Manna: supernatural provision, daily bread, what you
need to survive

Marriage - See wedding.

Meat - Food, Strong Word.

Medical Treatment - Injury requiring medical attention or
a trip to the hospital.

Medicine - Upcoming sickness.   If refrigerated medicine,
antibiotics.  Illness requiring medical treatment.

Mexican jail -  On the same night, two leaders in a former
church that I attended dreamed of a Mexican jail.  One
dreamed they were going to go to a Mexican jail because
they did not have their FM-4 which allows them to legally
work in Mexico.  At the end of the dream they didn't have
to go jail after all.  The other person dreamed he had to
go get the youth group out of a Mexican jail.

The first dream meant that there was a trial or a problem
that person was or would be going through.  The dream
was a message to the person about the outcome:  Their
worst fear would not materialize and it was pertaining to
their job.  The second was a cry from the heart about the
children of the church being in bondage to the world and
the ministers determination to do something about it.

Milk and Honey: abundance, provision.

Money - future prosperity, wealth, provision, distraction,
idol worship.

Motorcycle - Independent project, solitary task.

Mountain - A meeting place with God (as in; Moses met
with God on the mountain).

Moving - Could be an area of your life that you are
moving in, note the emotion connected.

Moving Van - a physical move.

Motorcycle - individual goal, swift progress, personal

Motorcycle throttle - Your effort toward achieving your
goal.  Ie.  Using the throttle incorrectly causes a problem
with your progress.

Multi-colored - Inheritance, gift from Father

Muscles or physical strength: Your own human
capabilities verses Gods strength.
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