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Vision Interpretation
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Dreams & Visions Symbols

Names - If a name is spoken in a dream the name is
significant.  The name could refer to the definition of a
name or it could have another meaning.  I had a dream
of my grandson with his dad reading a book while  
saying the name Kelly.  He was only 19 months old at
the time of the dream and it was before he could  
speak.  Shortly afterward, his father developed a
relationship with a girl named Kelly.

Napkins: a way of serving someone.

Net: Your witnessing tool, *If you are enlarging your
net you are enlarging your ability to witness; provision.

Nudity - Embarrassment.  Note who is present in the
dream.  That is likely the person you will be
embarrassed in front of; Feeling of being exposed or
something hidden being exposed.  Note the feelings in
the dream.  If embarrassment it represents

Numbers - Click here for numbers theme.

Biblically speaking whenever a number was
represented in a dream it represented the actual
number in real life:  i.e.  Seven healthy cows / Seven
ears of shriveled corn = Seven years of plentiful food /
seven years of famine. 11 stars = 11 brothers.

Nuts or Tree - See tree.
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