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Vision Interpretation
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Party - Ease, carefree.

Pastor or Priest - Pastor, a Christian, or a
Church-goer, religion, spirit of religiousness.

People or Person -  See people theme

Pet - See animal theme for examples.  If a pet, it can be
a BIG pet-project or business.  An area of responsibility
which is near and dear to your hear.

Phone call - message or "calling"

Phone cord - conversation on the phone.

Physical Symptoms - Drawing attention to the area of
sickness or type of sickness.  

IE. = Three eyes doesn't mean three eyes but is drawing
attention to a problem with the eyes.  Bubbles on the
sides doesn't mean actual bubbles but instead is
drawing attention to the sides.

Pier - Fishing, traveling.  Click for pier dream example.

Walking on a pier - , taking a trip, going somewhere.  
Walking on a Pier - Trip to a pier

Pink - girl, feminine, flesh

Plane Single person plane - a person's life or ministry,
Jumbo jet - something affecting many people or an
actual jet.

Plane crash - Single person plane crash - a.) A person
falling down and hurting themselves b.) a life out of
Regular airplane - could be actual plane crash.  
Dream Academy section regarding defining
Symbolism in Dreams.

Picture Window - Revelation Knowledge, prophetic
vision into the future, actual window.

Piercing - body piercings symbolize piercing pain

Plants: If you dream of a plant or tree with green leaves
that will not wither please refer to Psalm 1:3, the Harvest.

Police officer - Holy Spirit, God, Authority, Police Officer

Pot, boiling  - an angry person.

Potter: God is the Potter we are the clay.

Pottery: Vessels of the Lord, we are treasures in jars of

Politican - corruption, evil, devil.

Pregnancy - a.) New beginning, b.) confident

Pre-Historic animal: a large issue thats in the
past...something that should be dead and gone. If you
are being attacked by a prehistoric beast, it could be
that satan will try and bring you down by issues from
your past.

Prince or princess: Son or daughter of the King of
kings, royalty, Jesus.

Promised Land (or Jerusalem): of

Purple - prosperity, costly/expensive, mockery, wealth,
preparation, and royalty.

Pylon - Holy Spirit (power), power, electricity.

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