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Salt - Love

Sanctuary or Heavenly Place - A dream from the throne
of God, church.  

Sand dollars: Money

Scorpions / Scorpion bite - foretell an event with other
bugs, a bite by a scorpion would be bug bites, a scorpion
in your house could be a wasp, or any number of other
more typical poisonous insects - ie. bees, fire ants, etc.,
symbol for problems see:  link below for example dream of
dictionary symbol
scorpions: page one, two, three....

I've dreamed of seeing two scorpions, near my front door.  
One year later I saw two scorpions, on separate occasions
near my back door.

I've dreamed of being bit by a scorpion and shortly
thereafter, in the exact place that the scorpion stung me in
the dream, I was bit by a bug which left an itchy bump in
the exact same location.

The sea:  See water theme, indicates your ability as a
“seer” if you are a sea creature, mermaid - the sea is your
Seaweed: hampering your prophetic ministry.

Shark - Beach / boating related problem.

Shoes -  Click here for Shoe Page.

Shooting / being shot -  Physical injury.  See injury or
illness.  I dreamed once that I was shot in the stomach.  
Eight months later, I begun to have horrible stomach
problems that sent me to emergency on three different
occasions.  It was a Hiatal hernia brought on by use of
antacids.  The gun shot to my stomach was a prophecy of
something wrong with my stomach.

Sickness - See illness.

Shore - Can be literally a shore or it is the meeting of
water and land which symbolizes the meeting of heaven
and earth.  For a person to be on the shore or on a beach
represents they are straddling the fence between two
worlds about to leave one for another.

Signant ring: chosen by God, if something is sealed with
a signant ring it means the situation cannot be changed

Silver coins - money

Singing - a New Song: New things to praise God about,
confidently at church: You are confidant in working for the
Slug - disease or sickness - see animals in dreams.

Snakes -  Click here to go to the page on snake symbols for detailed examples of
dreams involving snakes.

Spider - Click here for Spider page.

Spider bite - represents physical afflictions: burn, injury, bug bite.  See spider bite page.

Star - siblings, a person in a highly visible position, satan.

Stairway - progress measured by where you are on the stairway, ie. halfway up the stairs
would be halfway there.  Going backward on the stairs would be getting set back.

Swan: something that starts out ugly but turns out to be beautiful.

Swiss Cheese:  Sudden financial good fortune.

Swollen stomach and thigh wasting away: adultery (Num 5:13)

Sword - The Word of God.
Guide to Dreams &
Vision Interpretation
Common Themes
Dictionary of Symbols

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