Guide to Dreams &
Vision Interpretation
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Dreams & Visions Symbols

Temples - Churches.

Teeth - See Theme Teeth

Telephone: intersession, To receive a telephone call:
can be your calling.  
Missing a telephone call:  Missing
your calling.

Thorns: suffering

Ticks - synonymous with spiders.  See animals.

Tiger - See animal theme for examples.  If a pet, it can be
a BIG pet-project or business.  An area of responsibility
which is near and dear to your hear.

Toilet paper = digestive/intestinal illness

Toilet - related to intestines or digestion, bodily cleansing

Tooth fairy - foretells actually losing teeth.

Tornadoes - Very severe life trials, tornadoes,
hurricanes, emotional turmoil, stress, potential to destroy.

Tractor trailer - plane.

Train - Travel

Tree - abundance, Christians, Life in the Spirit, Jesus,
dream.  Tree limb or branch - dream symbol, days, in
grafted sons and daughters, ministry, something you are
nurturing, a marriage tree (family tree), tree of knowledge
of good and evil, tree of life.

Fruit tree, nut tree, produce bearing bush,
vegetable plant
= financial provision or financial lack.

Is the tree symbolic?

If it is where a tree doesn't belong (ie. growing in the
kitchen = financial provision) or it is doing what a tree
doesn't do (ie. walking) it is a symbolic tree.  

If it represents a normal tree, then don't use symbolism to
interpret the dream.

If symbolic tree note:  Abundant in nuts/fruit = financial
provision, dying tree few in nuts/fruit - financial drought,
walking tree - Christians, Christ, etc.  Note actions of the

If, actual tree - note condition of the tree, area, etc.

Trains - Travel, symbol for a phrase (see this dream
where a train was a figure of speech).

Triangle - Ancient symbol of the trinity:  Used on the
American one dollar bill to represent God and his
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