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Walking - Taking a trip or traveling.

Wedding - Marriage, covenant, commitment (like a
contract job, volunteer position, any kind of commitment).

Weeds - where are they? If in an unusual place it could
symbolize neglect, lack of care or requiring care.

If you are getting married in the dream and are not dressed
properly, everything is in disarray, or things are just going
wrong am, look at the dream in the context of a commitment
the dream, it could be the day that you dream this is the
day that the events will occur and the dream was prophetic).

Well of water - Life in the spirit, going deeper in Christ.

Wheelchair - hospital.

Window - Revelation Knowledge, prophetic vision into the
future, actual window, someone looking at your through a
window is someone who sees you a certain way.

Winning money - actually winning money through a
contest or other means, or money that does not come
through your normal lines of income, an unexpected source.

Worms - Outside of your body: Being grossed out, Inside
of your body - infection, invasion.
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