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The Holy Spirit is not stuck in 2,000 B.C. He speaks to us
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while adhering to the patterns established in the Bible.

The best method of biblical dream interpretation is using
biblical symbols and Biblical Christian dream analysis for
understanding.  It is very important that we understand that
dreams from the Holy Spirit are spiritual dreams and cannot
and should not be approached with a Freudian or Jungian
approach, Carl Jung's and Sigmund Freud's principles
oppose true Biblical dream interpretation.  Therefore, if you
are looking to interpret a spiritual dream use a spiritual
dream dictionary.  It doesn't have to be ours but please
avoid mixing the carnal with the spiritual by avoiding secular
dreams sites and methods.  If a dictionary definition of a
dream has anything secular, Freudian or Jungian in the
definition throw the entire thing away.  God speaks in the
bible not to mix the holy with unholy.

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Dream Academy - A guide to learning to interpret your dreams and visions.

Please read, Understanding Symbolism in Dreams


Ailment - Drawing attention to the area of sickness or type of sickness.  IE. Three eyes doesn't
mean three eyes but is drawing attention to a problem with the eyes.  Bubbles on your sides
doesn't mean actual bubbles but instead is drawing attention to the sides which could represent
an internal ailment.  See illness and injury.

Accident - A car (or plane, etc.) accident in a dream can mean any kind of accident.  My daughter
dreamt of a car accident with her son who was injured in the accident.  His arm was injured.  
Several weeks later my grandson's arm was sprained badly but it was not a car accident it was a
regular accident.  Additionally, I would like to add that dreams often are more intense and
exaggerated then the real life scenario will be.

Animals, insects, serpents, etc.  

What is the animal doing in the dream?  If it is attacking that would be a message of a
coming attack. If it is biting it could mean an injury or affliction to the area of the body that
was bit.  

Animals doing things that animals don't usually do.  IE.  Fish walking in a dream would
mean fish on the floor and not in their tank where they should be.  Fish that turn into frogs
would mean fish that jump out of their tank and land on the floor where they shouldn't be.

Whose animal is this?  It could be an attack by the owner.  IE.  Jeffrey's dog is shown in a
dream acting like a wild dog.  Reality = Jeffrey was acting like an animal.

What kind of animal?  Animals in dreams often represent a problem.  What kind of animal
is often indicative of where the problem will occur.  Shark - problem on the water or with a
boat.  Alligator - problem on a trip in Florida, etc.

Airplane - Actual airplane, also see automobile below.

Alligator - Fear, problem, symbolic attack.

Automobile or Airplane - Automobile or Airplane, etc.  

Can represent your body (For example:  A small plane with one person it out of control and crashing
can represent a person falling.  A person driving around and not finding a parking spot anywhere
could mean a person who does not fit in anywhere.)  

Your life.  (For example:  Driving from the backseat unable to reach the brakes can be a life out of

Can be an actual vehicle.

Automobile accident - Can be actual accident, also see accident above.

Baby - Ministry, something time consuming, energy consuming, strong focus, an obsession, a real

Bathroom - Depends on the focus.  See below:  

Fixing up the bathroom - healing of a urinary tract infection.  (I had a dream that my bathroom was
restored at a time that I had a kidney/urinary tract infection.  I was worried about recovering
because I had to be taken off the antibiotics because of an allergic reaction.  Then, I dreamed that
my bathroom was restored perfectly and I knew that I was going to be okay.)

Showering in the bathroom - could mean cleansing.  

Bear - Bear market.

Bees - Actual bees.  If the dream seems symbolic and not a real life scenario it could be a stinging
comment or attack.

Bee stings - Hives, acne, other skin imperfection which look like what a bee sting would look like,
can be a bee sting but usually is not.

Bedroom - Engagement, intimacy, private matter.

Bed or Couch - Contract, agreement, adultery, temptation, or a bed.

Boss - Symbol of any boss, not necessarily the one who appears in a dream.

Blister-like Bubbles or Unusual Physical Sickness/Illness Symptoms - Drawing attention to
the area of sickness or type of sickness.  IE. Three eyes doesn't mean three eyes but is drawing
attention to a problem with the eyes.  Bubbles on the sides doesn't mean actual bubbles but
instead is drawing attention to the sides.


Driving off the edge of a bridge - fear of lack/loss of control, lack of comfort or stability, fear
of the future.

Walking on a foot bridge or pier.  See pier.

Bullets - ammunition, lack of or supply of power, also see being shot.

Cabinets: Kitchen - upper and lower digestive track.

Car - See automobile.

Cats - Catty women, evil spirits, attack or upcoming confrontation.  See animals.

Check - Winning a financial battle, a legal win, miraculous provision

Colored floating orbs -  Demons or evil spirits.

Couch or a Bed - Business Contract or agreement.

Crack pipe (looks like a glass stem to a pipe) - Cigarettes, addiction, stronghold.

Demons - See evil spirits.

Disappearance - what disappeared?  Tornadoes disappearing into thin air - deliverance.  House
disappearing - losing a house.

Dog - Evil spirits (see animals), demons, dog, attack, or upcoming confrontation.  See animals.  

Dog bite - A bite by any animal represents a potential injury or illness but not necessarily
because of a bite by an animal.  Example: Dog bite - Kidney infection.  The bigger the dog, the
bigger the problem.

I dreamed of my nephew being bit by a dog and losing his hand.  The fulfillment came several
months later when he received a very serious burn to his hand from a very hot iron.

I dreamed of a dog biting my arm and a week later developed a kidney infection.  While the dog
was still clamped onto my arm, I saw another dog - far bigger and more dangerous than the one
biting me.  I had an allergic reaction while suffering from the kidney infection.  Click here to read
the dream and fulfillment in its entirety.

Dollars - Could mean dollars or percentage.  If it is a small number it could represent a reduction,
or vice versa.   If it is a large number, it could mean an increase.  See money.

I had a dream of our electric bill being $50.  It had been several hundred dollars every month.  
Then, I dreamed of this small bill.  The very next month, our bill was only $150 which was half of
what it had been for the previous six months.

Door - entrance to your life, locked door - not allowing a thing in your life; rickety door - a
weakness in your life; closing a door - closing a chapter in your life or resisting temptation.

Driving - The symbol for a car (automobile) often represents your life. People
in your car are often people in your life or people whom you will be seeing in the near future,
driving from the backseat might mean feeling out of control, a car spinning would be a car out of
control, someone trying to drive your car with you in it would be a person controlling you or trying
to control you,  Crashing can mean falling.

Elephant - An issue which is very obvious and being avoided, also see animals.

A friend had a dream that an elephant was staring at her menacingly and about to attack her
because of people she was helping.  The elephant is obviously symbolic of a BIG attack because
of the size of the animal threatening her in this dream.

Evil Spirits - If seen around another person note if there is an injury to that person.  If there is,
this is what the spirits are attacking (I.E.  Friend with a head wound surrounded by evil spirits was
a spiritual attack of depression.)

Besides the demon what is the other major theme in the dream?  For instance, a demon pulls a
person by the leg, the person resists, and then the demon disappears.

Interpretation:  An upcoming attack or temptation which is resisted and the devil flees.  Yup,
sometimes they really are that simple.

Family members or various people - represent themselves and/or sometimes they are a
symbol for the place they live.  I dreamed of a hurricane that my grandfather was in.  He wasn't in
it, in actuality, but the hurricane struck land within 50 miles of his home.   Once this hurricane
became a reality  I knew where it was going to land.  However, initially the forecasts were
forecasting it making landfall at the Texas/Mexico border.  I knew long before the scientists that it
wasn't going to be the case.  In fact, I told my family who found out how accurate dreams can be.  
The hurricane did a 180-degree turn and hit Florida exactly as my dream predicted two weeks
before the hurricane was even a blip on the radar.

Farmer - Christian or real farmer.

Fifty Dollars  - Could mean dollars or percentage.  If it is a small number it could represent a
reduction, or vice versa.   If it is a large number, it could mean an increase.

For instance, I had a dream of our electric bill being $50.  It had been several hundred dollars
every month.  Then, I dreamed of this small bill.  The very next month, our bill was only $150 which
was half of what it had been for the previous six months.

Flames - Actual Wild Fire, persecution, refinement, trial by fire.

Fish - Christians, fish, swimming, fish walking = cover your fish tank.  Click here for the page of
prophetic dreams of fish.

I had a prophetic dream about fish walking.  In the dream I was creeped out.  The fulfillment was a
few weeks later.  I was in a fish store and felt something crunch under my boot.  There were four
fish on the floor.  Being on the floor was what the walking represented.  When an animal is doing
something they don't normally do it often represents something to do with that action.  Walking -
we walk on the floor, fish don't.  But something a fish does do is jump out of a tank onto the floor.

Flying - supernatural gifts, spiritual realm, walking in the glory - out of body experience, freedom,
extreme joy, or very significant success.

Frog - Could mean the action a frog makes:  Jumping

Fruit - spiritual gifts; fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, etc.; prosperity

Funeral - If symbolic:  Spiritual death, end of an era.

Kitchen - Digestive track, heart.

Cabinets - upper and lower digestive track.  

Garden - digestive track, actual plants/garden.

Hanging from your finger tips - Hanging on during a crisis.  Did you hang on or did you fall?

Healing - Lack of Injury, no permanent damage, Healing

House - Who owns the house?  Grandparent's house - related to a grandparent, Mother's house -
related to mother,  Being inside a house owned by family - family life.

I had a dream that I was in my grandparent's house which I haven't been for years and years.  I
cried when I went to the house.  While in the house I was bit by a dog.   What happened in real
life:   I spoke to my grandfather for the first time in years - and I cried.  Within an hour or two of
speaking with him I had an acute attack of kidney infection which was the dog bite.  It happening in
his house was that it happened on the same day that I spoke to him.

I had a dream of a tree full of nuts growing in my mother's kitchen.  Shortly thereafter she  
received a large, unexpected sum of money.

Your house:  Your body (Bathroom - urinary tract, Kitchen - digestive tract, Heart - family room,
Bedroom - intimacy)

Housewarming presents - Prophecy of moving.   I gave moving gifts to my cousin and her
mother in a dream.  Within 3 months they had both moved.

Illness - Illness, note where the symbol for the illness is located.   Drawing attention to the area of
sickness or type of sickness. Head injury sometimes means depression or mental illness.

IE. Three eyes does not necessarily mean three eyes but is drawing attention to a problem with
the eyes.  Bubbles on the sides doesn't mean actual bubbles but instead is drawing attention to
the sides.

Injury = See illness.  Where is the injury?  Head injury - could mean depression.  Stomach injury
(especially being shot) means internal illness or sickness.

Intimacy - Intimacy, joining, agreement.

Jail - Bondage, captives, serious trouble.

Jewels - Inlaid into the elements in the dream which wouldn't normally be jewel encrusted - divine
dream. Prosperity.  Wealth.

King - Jesus, The Lord

Lady - Can represent either a man or a woman.  See the Dream Academy section of Symbolism in

Liver Spots - Illness

Mall - Stock market, marketplace

Man -  See the Dream Academy section Symbolism in Dreams.

Man whose face you can't see - Jesus, Holy Spirit, or sometimes The Father.

Meat - Food, Strong Word.

Medical Treatment - Injury requiring medical attention or a trip to the hospital.

Medicine - Upcoming sickness.   If refrigerated medicine, antibiotics.  Illness requiring medical

Money - future prosperity, wealth, provision, distraction, idol worship.

Mountain - A meeting place with God (as in; Moses met with God on the mountain).

Moving - Could be an area of your life that you are moving in, note the emotion connected.

Moving Van - a physical move.

Nudity - Embarrassment.  Note who is present in the dream.  That is likely the person you will be
embarrassed in front of; Feeling of being exposed or actually something hidden being exposed.  
Note the feelings in the dream.  If embarrassment it represents embarrassment.   Also note
emotions in dreams involving ourselves normally are very exaggerated.

Numbers - ie., number of people in a dream represented the number of whatever else was in the
dream.  Five people in an earthquake = 5 earthquakes.  

Biblically speaking whenever a number was represented in a dream it represented the actual
number in real life:  i.e.  Five healthy cows / five ears of shriveled corn = five years of plentiful food
/ five years of famine, 11 stars = 11 brothers.

Nut Tree - See tree.

Orbs - colored or floating orbs note feelings associated, demons.

Pastor or Priest - Pastor, a Christian, or a Church-goer, religion, spirit of religiousness.

People or Person - Oftentimes a person in a dream is someone you don't recognize in the
dream but until the dream is fulfilled you don't know that they were actually a symbol for someone
you know.  Other times, you could have a dream with a person that you know but they are actually
a symbol for someone else.  

Example:  I had a dream with my uncle in it.  He was sleeping on the couch.  When I meditated on
the dream I knew that when the dream was fulfilled that my uncle would be a symbol for my
husband who falls asleep on the couch everyday.

Person whose shape you can see but whose face you can't see - Can be Jesus, the Holy
Spirit, God the Father.

Person you can't see in a dream - What characteristics does that person have or make you
feel?  This can be a fear of something or a situation that is not really there.

Physical Symptoms - Drawing attention to the area of sickness or type of sickness.  

IE. = Three eyes doesn't mean three eyes but is drawing attention to a problem with the eyes.  
Bubbles on the sides doesn't mean actual bubbles but instead is drawing attention to the sides.

Pier - Fishing, traveling

Below is an example of using a symbol in context of the dream:

I had a dream that I was walking on a broken down pier, right next to which there was a perfectly
fine pier.  I jumped to the good pier and walked on that instead of the broken down pier.  During
the dream I also had a feeling that another person was walking with me.  This person was a threat
to me but I didn't see anyone I just sensed their presence.

The fulfillment of this dream:  

My husband asked me to go fishing to a pier an hour away from our house.  Instead of driving our
good car, he wanted to take his new toy, an older pickup truck.  I considered this vehicle to be a
road hazard and a serious threat to my continued existence.  I preferred the other car.  During the
time this dream came true I had a fear about a situation which I felt but which was not real which is
why I could not see the other person.  God showed me this dream, and the trip to the shore to
assure me that the threat was not real, it was only in my mind.

Walking - going somewhere.

Walking on a Pier - Trip to a pier


Single person plane - a person's life

Jumbo jet - something affecting many people or an actual jet.

Plane crash

Single person plane crash - a.) A person falling down and hurting themselves b.) a life out of

Regular airplane - could be actual plane crash.  See Dream Academy section regarding defining
Symbolism in Dreams.

Picture Window - Revelation Knowledge, prophetic vision into the future, actual window.

Pot, boiling  - an angry person.

Pregnancy - a.) New beginning, b.) confident expectation.

Sanctuary or Heavenly Place - A dream from the throne of God, church.  

Scorpions / Scorpion bite - foretell an event with other bugs, a bite by a scorpion would be bug
bites, a scorpion in your house could be a wasp, or any number of other more typical poisonous
insects - ie. bees, fire ants, etc..  

I've dreamed of seeing two scorpions.  In the place I saw them in the dream, near my front door, I
found a wasps nest.  

I've dreamed of being bit by a scorpion and shortly thereafter in the exact place I was bit by a bug
which left an itchy bump in the exact location as in my dream.

Shark - Beach / boating related problem.

Shoes - Searching for a shoe could mean exactly that.  If I dreamed of a missing shoe it would
mean I will shortly be missing a shoe because I dream plainly of the future.  

If you dream symbolically, searching for a shoe could be searching for your mate - the other one
of a pair.  My cousin often has this a dream in which she is desperately seeking a missing shoe.  It
comes prior to periods in her life when she has once again become single, she keeps searching
for the missing shoe but she can't find it. She has not found her shoe yet, and incidentally, she
isn't married yet either.

Shoes could mean pointing to your direction in life or lack of direction in your life.

Shoes pointing in opposite directions would mean conflicting interests.  A member of our dream
group had a dream where her shoes were pointing in different directions.  She was trying to make
them point in the same direction.  She said:  "As I am typing this the Lord is showing me that I want
to line my career with the ministry. They go in different directions because my profession involves
that "higher power" word. I am constantly at odds with this. I want to pray and tell my patients the
goodness of the Lord but my job says do it with discretion."

Shooting / being shot -  Physical injury.  See injury or illness.  

I dreamed once that I was shot in the stomach.  Eight months later, I begun to have horrible
stomach problems that sent me to emergency on three different occasions.  It was a Hiatal hernia
brought on by use of antacids.  The gun shot to my stomach was a prophecy of something wrong
with my stomach.

Sickness - See illness.

Snakes - Upcoming trials, major problems, demonic attacks.  Click here to go to the page on
snake symbols.

In my dreams, whenever I see a snake it represents an upcoming issue centered around the place
or symbols in my dream.

Spider - Does the spider look like a real spider or does it have unusual characteristics for a
spider, ie. a spider with a man's face, a spider colored silver or other strange color? If it is a
bizarre, unrealistic spider it's a symbolic dream.  If it looks like a very real spider it could represent
a real spider.  

I once saw a real spider in my dream and it turned out a few months later I found a black widow in
our boat, hanging upside down on a web, right where I would have sat.

Spider bite - represents physical afflictions: burn, injury, bug bite.  See spider bite page.  

Temples - Churches.

Teeth - falling out - Talking too much and unable to stop, actual coming loss of teeth, death.  

Tooth fairy - foretells actually losing teeth.

Tornadoes - Very severe life trials, tornadoes, hurricanes, emotional turmoil, stress, potential to

Tree - abundance, Christians, Life in the Spirit, Jesus.

Fruit tree, nut tree, produce bearing bush, vegetable plant = financial provision or financial

Is the tree symbolic?

If it is where a tree doesn't belong (ie. growing in the kitchen = financial provision) or it is doing
what a tree doesn't do (ie. walking) it is a symbolic tree.  

If it represents a normal tree, then don't use symbolism to interpret the dream.

If symbolic tree note:  Abundant in nuts/fruit = financial provision, dying tree few in nuts/fruit -
financial drought, walking tree - Christians, Christ, etc.  Note actions of the tree.

If, actual tree - note condition of the tree, area, etc.

Trains - Travel, symbol for a phrase (see this dream where a train was a figure of speech).

Triangle - Ancient symbol of the trinity:  Used on the American one dollar bill to represent God
and his omniscience.

Yard - Sometimes represents a state or an area of the country.

Yellow - Where is the color located?  Eyes = Jaundice.


Up stairs or on a pier  = Taking a trip or traveling.

Water - Often means emotional turmoil, cleansing, salvation.

Dirty:  Trouble, problems
Turbulent:  Fear, emotional turmoil.
Up to your neck:  Oppression, difficulties, trouble, trials
Clean/clear: cleansing power of the blood of Christ, Salvation, life in the Spirit
Over your head: overwhelmed, powerless, depression
Body of water:  Note the size of the water which equals the size of the turmoil or problems.

Well of water - Life in the spirit, going deeper in Christ.

Window - Revelation Knowledge, prophetic vision into the future, actual window, someone looking
at your through a window is someone who sees you a certain way.

Winning money - actually winning money through a contest or other means, or money that does
not come through your normal lines of income, an unexpected source.

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