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Basic Use of Symbols in Dreams

When searching for the meanings of symbols in your dreams please keep in mind that the
symbols in a dream must be interpreted within the context of the dream.     You will not get
an accurate dream interpretation by defining a dream by it's symbols as though you were
putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Symbols are defined by the dream.  If you try to do it in
reverse you will end up with confusion and frustration.

If you try to interpret a dream using a standard symbol definition as a hard fast rule, and
as a result the dream interpretation doesn't make sense, you have just reached the point
described above.

Each symbol, in each dream, must be interpreted within the context of the dream for the
interpretation to be accurate.  Ie.  The definition of a symbol for a puppy licking your face
in a dream would not be the same as the symbolism involved in a strange dog biting your

Please understand that although we provide a dream dictionary, hard and fast rules for
symbols DO NOT WORK.  Symbols will be as varied as each person dreaming a dream.  A
symbol of a dog to a dog lover would not be the same as the symbol of a dog to a person
who has been ferociously attacked.  Therefore, look at the dream and think, what does
this symbol mean to me?  How does it fit within this dream?   And another GREAT
METHOD in understanding God's use of symbols in dreams is to do a search in the bible.

The reason that the Lord uses symbols is to turn our minds toward Him and His messages
to us.  We begin to focus on the message because we want to understand what He is
speaking to us.  As we focus (meditate) our thoughts are not sifting through a thousand
other things at the same time.  This type of meditation or mulling over is what brings us
into the quiet or secret place where we hear from God. When we mull over the elements of
the dreams and the symbols it actually places us in a position to receive a message of
revelation from God that we would not have stopped to listen and give our ear to if we did
not receive the symbolic dream message.

Dreams are like a divine appointment from God.   A symbolic dream is like receiving a
message that God called and would like to speak with us.  The dream is God inviting us in
to hear from Him.   When we receive a symbolic dream it causes us to stop, to think the
dream over to understand what God is saying to us.    It's the stopping to meditate that
places us in God's presence.  For this reason, symbols are not as important as stopping
to meditate on the theme of the message.  While symbol dictionaries are a good way to
getyou started, if you try to figure out every single item in your dream through a dictionary
the choices will leave you with a headache.

At the point that we receive the message dream from God, it is our choice as to whether or
not we want to go.  Dreams are an invitation from God to stop in and hear what He would
say to us and that is why they are symbolic. He doesn't necessarily want to give us a
message via email or snail mail, one that we would quickly understand outside of His
presence.  He wants to talk to us. He wants to enjoy our presence.  He loves us and wants
to meet with us.  Symbolic dreams from Him are an invitation to come and hear from Him in
the secret place!

For this reason, it is very important that YOU learn to interpret your dreams and take the
time to learn.  God does not want to speak to you through an interpreter for the rest of
your life.  There may be times that an interpreter will be necessary but that is not the
standard.  The standard is that God gives you message dreams because He wants to talk
directly to YOU.