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           Don 't Go Symbol Crazy
I have literally seen thousands of dreams submitted for
dream interpretation, and have talked to thousands of
people, and as a result this page came to be.  My heart
goes out to people seeking to hear from God, people who
are trying with all their abilities to understand their dreams
but are frustrated because they are having trouble
understanding the symbols.  

The most important thing that I have to say about dream
interpretation is please do not look at the elements in your
dream and then use dream dictionaries to interpret them.  
The interpretation will always be wrong.  Usually, one symbol
might be accurate but that may be all.  The way the Lord
uses dreams is so amazing and vast it cannot be put neatly
into our human boxes known as dream dictionaries.

Typically, when people search the symbols list and see
several choices for each symbol they are very likely going to
pick the symbol that they like best and avoid those that don't
sound like what they want to hear, when in fact what they
don't want to hear is oftentimes the message.  By piecing a
dream together from a list of symbols, even if the dream
started out from God, you are going to end up with a
message from yourself to yourself.

Some people look at every single detail in a dream and try to
find the spiritual meaning.  They will zone in on the color of a
shirt or fall to pieces because they cannot understand what
the cat on the fence means.  Look at the big picture!

When a dream is very short and to the point, much like the
examples in the bible, then chances are that everything in
the dream is significant - unless you count blades of grass,
look for meaning in the color of the sky, how many blades
are contained in the sheaves of wheat, what color was the
wheat? Etc.  (Note:  Color is a factor in some dreams and is
explained in the dream symbol dictionary under: Colors in

Imagine Joseph's dream about the sheaves of wheat.  He
probably saw the sky, the ground, the colors of the clothes
that his brothers were wearing.  He probably saw his own
clothes, he probably saw how thick the sheaves of wheat
were, etc., etc.  But he didn't focus on all the little details, he
got to the point.  

The longer the dream, and the more you focus on every little
detail, the less apt you are to interpret it correctly (if at all)
because by the time you've interpreted the number of stairs
on the flight of stairs, the number of pictures on the wall,
what time the clock said, what color the carpet was, you've
lost the entire point of the dream.   That kind of dream
analysis will drive you insane and you will miss the entire
point of the dream.
When we study the dreams that were interpreted in the bible, we see that they were
SIMPLE. The simple dreams are usually the message dreams from God.  They are to the
point and soooo simple they are hard to misunderstand.

For instance, Joseph's dream of greatness, was the sun, moon, and stars bowing down to
him.  Then, he dreamed of his brother's sheaves of wheat bowing down to his.  Both
dreams are VERY simple dreams.  Other biblical, simple dreams:

  • The dream of one of the men in Gideon's army - very simple:  A loaf of bread rolls
    into the big, strong, tent of the enemy and knocks it over, SIMPLE!.
  • Pharaoh's dreams - very simple: Seven fat cows, seven skinny cows, eat up the fat
    ones and don't get fatter.  Seven plump ears, seven sickly ears, etc.....
  • Three baskets and birds of prey eat the bread out of the top basket.....(birds of prey
    don't eat bread they eat flesh).
  • Three branches, three vines, bloomed and budded into grapes....(blooms = new life,
    grapes = cup bearer - his job = new life for his job)

In conclusion, the point is, when God gives sends us a message the message will be simple
and easy to understand.   If you don't understand every symbol, go on with the rest of the
dream and don't worry about it.  Look at the overall theme of the dream and how you felt
about it. If a symbol was important but you don't understand what it means, trust God's
ability to get the meaning to you instead of worrying about your inability to receive.  Ask
Him to give you understanding into the symbol and He will.  He is capable of being perfectly
clear when He wants to be.  Your Father knows you very well and is very capable of getting
a message to you that you can understand.  If He has to, He will keep giving you the
message, over and over, until you get it.  

Instead of being frustrated if you cannot get the understanding of a dream, pray and trust
God, and remember that not every dream is meant to be interpreted right now.