Re: [propheticdreams] dream about a dog

I had a dream that i heard dogs fighting....i didn't see
anything but black at first, and then it was as if i walked and
turned a corner and there were two dogs, not sure if they were pits
or not, but they were jumping and tilting this black barrel. I heard
someone say, they are trying to get the dead dog that is inside. And
then it was as if another scene came up and i could see straight in
the face of a white faced pit with a brown spot on its back. It was
eating a dead dog, and people were standing all around not really
moving, but talkin amongst each other, I know i specifically saw a
white females face...and the dog was chewing and chewing and it bit
the other dog's nose and pulled it up and the nose stretched like
rubber. The dog was chewing and chewing but it never got
anywhere...the dog was laying there bloody, but it appeared that the
other dog wasn't really successful in eating it. And that was the
end. Can you explain this to me? It was strange to me.




Re: dream about a dog

Hello lovelywomanofvirtue,

As strange as this sounds, this dream is about a person who was badly
hurt. It isn't you but you either see it or
hear about it. It seems
that the person does not die even though it looks like he should.

God's Blessings to you,




Re: dream about a dog

Thanks for the interpretation, it makes me think of a situation that I have just
heard about.....