Re: [propheticdreams] being chased by a gunman

hey i was wondering if you could help me out with a dream i had today
which went as follows:

"i was at my aunt's house (wasn't her actual house but in my dream it
was) and her and her sister (whom she lives with) were about to go
out. they told me someone might be coming round to see them but not
to let them in (i'm still fuzzy as to if it was let them in or not to
let them in). anywho, they left and a while later there was a know at
the door. the door was opaque so i could partially see out of it. i
looked at the door and automatically knew not to let this man in as
his silohuette looked like he had a gun. i then decided to just leave
the house and run. i'm not sure how i did but i did and then the
chase was on. he chased me for a very long time but somehow i didn't
get tired and i was always ahead of him and out of firing range.
i then ran to this place that was full of people it was a restaurant
that had outside seating areas. i kept running inbetween some of the
stacked up chairs until i decided to stop and confront him.
i stopped, stood up straight (while standing next to a table of
people) and faced the direction he was coming from. he aimed his gun
at and smiled (he had missing teeth in the top front row of his mouth
with a considerable part of his gums missing too. at that point i
just looked at him and said "you can kill me if you want but you
can't kill everyone here and they know what you look like." as i said
that he stopped smiling and then ran off and i woke up."

thanx for your time




Re: being chased by a gunman


It seems to me that this is health related.

It seems that you have been avoiding the health situation that is on
your mind. God is speaking to you about this situation to confront
it. When you do confront it (which you will confront the little
nagging fear of facing this situation)it will lose its power over you
and will flee.

God wants you to confront it and get it taken care of so that you
will no longer feel the concern that you are feeling with this
situation in the very near future.





Re: being chased by a gunman

mia i went to the doctor and she said it wasn't anything
heart related but just a chest muscle that was probably strained.

thanx for the insight.