Re: Please help me understand this dream.

I am very new to trying to understand dreams but I am sure the Lord is
talking to me in the dreams. I am just not sure what some of them
mean and this is one that has me confused. Anyone that can help would
be most appreciated.

My dream:

I was on a rocky cleft next to a small body of water. The water was
very calm. The water was almost described as a pool but a round circle
in shape. It was kind of like evening time....grey like but it was
almost like a gray filter (like I was seeing it in grey). There was a
man on the rocks I did not recognize but we were trying to figure out
how to get off the cleft. At this point I looked over to my left and
decided to dive off the cleft head first. I did, but when I did I
went into the water feet first. I went down into the water and as I
was going down I needed to take in air and was able to breath under
the water. I touched bottom and then sprang back up all the way out
of the water and going far above the water. My hands were still above
me in a diving position.

I have been trying to understand this dream but I am just not sure.
Can anyone help?

God bless and thanks in advance.





The other dream reminded me of this one.

This reminds me of the ministry dream of your husband's.

You both are on a rocky cliff and can't figure out where to go from
there to the pool.

A project you are diving into..........

You dove right in......and jumped right in, feet first.

The guy with you isn't sure and hangs back.

It sounds like the flip side to your husband's dream.

You are ready to jump into ministry even if there is no easy way to
do it and you find that you don't drown even when the water is over
your head. You are able to breathe supernaturally.

Sounds like Laura was right on target.





You nailed that on the head. I am the Ladies Minister at my church
and I did exactly that. I'll take that as encouragement. Thanks and
God Bless.

In His Service,