Re: [propheticdreams] Re: Stampede of Cattle

I had a dream last night that was taking care of someone else's baby boy.
He was about 6 months old. I toke him everywhere I went. I drew
really attached to him and he drew attached to me as well. When it was
time for his mother to pick him up, I did not want to see him go. The
baby started to pull away from his mother because he wanted to stay
with me. The mother was shocked because she thought her baby was so
attached to her. Then, I woke up.

Can someone help me with this dream?



Hi Angela,

Is there something new in your life that you are doing to help

A job or maybe a ministry?? If there is not now, there may be one
coming. Maybe a position that is supposed to be temporary but in
the end, they like you so much that they prefer you over the former
person doing the job.

Does this relate to your present life?



Re: Taking Care of Someone's Baby

Well Mia, I am currently a contractor at my job.  I just
basically assist the full time employees on their studies.  My
company just made a few of the contractors full time but I wasn't
in the the bunch this time.




I am fairly confident that this dream is about your job as a
contractor ( contractor is almost is the same as temporary,
correct?). I had the sense in the dream interpretation that it was
about a temp. job so knowing that you are a contractor it seems to
fit perfectly to me.

I would say that when the time comes to separate your company won't
want to let you go. I hope that's good news.




Re: [propheticdreams] Re: Taking Care of Someone's Baby

Praise the Lord Dreamers!

God has used his mighty servant again!  I want to personally thank Mia for
allowing God use her in such a mighty way.  I found out this morning that the
Director of my department noticed that it is time to renew my contract but she
has decided that she wants to bring me on full time!!!!!!  God is an awesome