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The following articles are testimonies to the
power of Almighty God!!   Click the  blue links

Miracle Baby Prophecy

This one isn't national but we like it so we've
included it. That in four months a woman who
was told she is unable to conceive will be
pregnant.  Four months to the DAY a woman in
our congregation who knew nothing of the
prophecy tests positive!  GLORY!


Nationally Broadcast Meteor Prophecy

On national radio with Lia, on July 26, 2006.  We are
talking about how I saw significant portions of "the"
hurricanes happen and that God shows me things in
advance.  She asks me to prophesy something coming up

I tell her I saw what I believe to be a meteor shower...........
"it's about two weeks before it happens."

Six days later, meteor shower in India.


Virginia Campus Shooting

God gives Mia a vision of the Virginia Tech shooting
hours before it occurs.....Two hours before the first shot
is fired, the intercessors pray most specifically for the
girl the Lord showed Mia in a night vision....that she
would think quickly, have courage to fight, wisdom to
know what to do, and the Lord's presence to protect
her.  The result  magnifies the Lord's answer to prayer.

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