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Windy Ridge Fire  - Anaheim California

God shows Mia to pray for a man whom will try to
save his property in an upcoming wildfire in which
livestock will be threatened.  Praise HIM!


27 Children Saved, Boy 11 Takes Wheel Halts
Driverless Bus

Mia sees a vision of a grizzly accident and is called to
pray.  Intercessors join to pray to prevent the grizzly
highway accident two days before a miraculous
accident occurs.


Virginia Campus Shooting

God gives Mia a vision of the Virginia Tech shooting
hours before it occurs.....At 6 am, two hours before the
first shot is fired, the intercessors gather for prayer and
pray for all the victims who will be affected but most
specifically for the girl the Lord specifically showed
Mia in a night vision.  The Lord directs Mia to pray
that the girl have courage to fight, wisdom to know
what to do, and the Lord's presence to protect her.

Amazing story describes the Lord's answer to pray, the
article describes the very words Mia prayed with the
intercessors hours before the shooting began!

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