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A Practical Example of Getting Revelation from God and What to do with It


I had this dream about my Pastor's teenage daughter.  She was dressed in a jean
skirt and a white vest.  Her clothes were HUGE on her and I kept looking at how
skinny she was.  I told her that she was really skinny and she replied by saying
that she has lost 45 lbs and that she looks so pretty.  In my mind I was trying
to figure out how she could possibly think she needed to lose that much weight.
Her parent (my pastor and his wife) were standing there as well and in the dream
I heard a voice deep down in me that said that the reason why she was losing so
much weight was because some girl at her school was telling her that she was
fat.  The feeling of the dream was that she was aneroxic so I told her parents
"You have to get her some help", but they did not respond to me...they ignored

I'm thinking this dream is literal, but not sure because there are times where I
dream symbolically AND there are times I dream literal.  I'm not sure if that is
possible, but I need some help with this one just in case there is some type of
intervention that needs to take place on my part.

Thank you.


Hello Colette,

Let's say that this dream is a literal dream revealing knowledge.  Revelation
knowledge is information that the Spirit has revealed to you.  

A Word of knowledge is the Lord or our Father providing supernatural information
or understanding.

A Word of Wisdom is the Lord or our Father providing direction or specific
instructions on how to apply a Word of Knowledge.

Revelation from the Spirit usually falls into one of those two categories:  knowledge
or wisdom.  

In the case of your dream you were given a word of knowledge because you've
been given information supernaturally, not through natural channels (presumably).  

The biblical definition of wisdom is the practical application of knowledge.  In the
case of your dream, you were limited to the Word of Knowledge without the Word
of Wisdom.  You have inside information but do not have instructions on how to
apply that knowledge.  

Normally when the Lord gives a message of knowledge He also gives a message
of wisdom to know how to apply the knowledge or how to proceed with the
knowledge given.  When there are no clear directions on how to proceed it
sometimes means the bible or earthly wisdom has already made clear what our
instructions should be.

However, in the case of dreams we must be slightly more careful because of the
symbolism aspect thrown into the mix.

I once had a dream regarding my pastor's daugther.  In the dream she became
pregnant outside of marriage but the message was that the birth was a creative
miracle by the Holy Spirit.

If I had gone to the pastor with that message I would have been in big trouble.  
Instead, I prayed about it and waited and the Lord revealed the interpretation and
the WORD OF WISDOM to me.

The dream was about a woman in our congregation who would become pregnant
(symbolized by the pastor's daughter - pastors and their families are OFTEN
symbolic of church members) through the miraculous power of the Spirit.  He also
gave me a time.  Four months.  Four months later, to the day a member of our
church whom was told she couldn't conceive and deliver was pregnant, and she
did deliver a baby girl.

I told you this example to clarify that people are not always who they seem in
dreams, and because this is a major caution and an area that most people are not
aware of.

Now, if you have a message of wisdom giving you direction, by all means proceed,
if you do not, I would wait until you get the green light to go before you step out.  

I would pray that if this message is a prophetic message to be delivered that God
would clearly give you wisdom on how to proceed because the bible tells us that
God will give wisdom to anyone who asks without upbraiding us.

Another important element of being a seer is that seers often get revelation before
they need it.  A prophetic seer will receive dreams from God with revelation
knowledge ahead of time and will often have no idea what the dream means. Then,
when the moment comes that the Lord wants the message delivered, He will flash
the dream or vision that we saw previously back before us along with sudden
revelation of understanding that the message is for NOW.  Then, we would deliver
the message in His perfect timing under His perfect anointing and unction.

An example:

I had a night vision and saw people before the throne of God being blessed with
houses.  A few weeks later a woman came to me and asked me to pray about her
purchase of a house.  Something happened at the last minute where the closing
figures were thousands of dollars higher than anticipated and she didn't have the
money to close.  

Suddenly, the Lord flashed the night vision in my mind about blessing people with
houses and I knew (had a sudden "knowing" of wisdom) that the Lord was saying
that He had already done it, and He also gave me the words: Possess the Land.

Lastly, when operating with revelation knowledge I take extra precautions
whenever possible. Something that I was taught to do before launching out with a
word of knowledge with sensitive matters ( I do it almost always), is ask a question
that confirms what was revealed to you.  If the answer confirms the revelation that
you received then the rest of the message is very likely correct as well.

In your particular case you were given information that you could easily confirm the
situation with.  The question that I would ask is this, "Is there a girl at school who
picks on you?"  If yes, "Does she criticize your looks?"  If, yes, "Has she told you
that you are overweight?"   If yes, then you will know for certain that you are right
on target and go from there with the rest of the advice in the post.

She did.  She got the key, spent the night in the house and the next day her boss
offered to loan her the thousands she needed to close.

In closing, my advice is to pray and ask God to show you specifically
how to proceed.

I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions let me know.



Lastly, in matters of spiritual revelation this is important.

When the Lord first gave me the gift of prophetic dreams, during the same period of
time, I was also asking Him what the following scripture meant:

Cast not they pearls before swine lest they trample them under foot and turn and
rend you.

Shortly there after, one day I was about to call my mother and share a prophetic
dream that I had had. Even though I thought in the back of my mind that she was
just going to humor me while privately thinking that I had lost it, I picked up the
receiver to the phone (back in the days that we used those types of phones), and
had it halfway to my ear, when I heard the Lord say as plainly as day, "Cast not
they pearls before swine................"

My mouth hung open as I absorbed the absolute clarity of what He was telling me.  
I completely grasped what He was showing me the scripture to mean. The spiritual
gift of supernatural revelations, prophetic visions, etc, are pearls and if you share
your pearls with the wrong people OR BEFORE THE PROPER TIME they will
criticize your and/or your revelations (trample your pearls underfoot), and their
criticism will hurt (rend) you.

          Copyright 2008 Mia Sherwood Ministries