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Mia! I agree with everything you just said! The Lord is
awesome!  THANK YOU!


I went to the doctor and she said it wasn't anything  heart
related but just a chest muscle that was probably strained.
Thanx for the insight.


This is a tear jerker and a whole load of encouragement!
PRAISE HIM! Thank you Mia! I receive this in Jesus' name!
He gets the glory!!!


Thank you Laura and Mia, This is very close to the way I
interpeted my dream.  


I thought it was for her WOW!!!  Awesome...


It seemed so simple when you were explaining to me what it


You nailed that on the head. I am the Ladies Minister at my
church and I did exactly that. I'll take that as encouragement.


Dear Mia,  Thank you for what you wrote. It speaks volumes
to me...Thank you for your heart and your devotion of grace
in God's kingdom...We never know just what one word can do
for someone. We never know just how much God uses our
responses to help heal another and to save another's
life.....Thank you again for your heart. Your response
ministered to me deeply...


Such tears are flowing down my face right now. Such powerful
words you spoke Mia ..Wow... you were sensitive to the Holy
Spirit and ... so your words were like Jesus speaking to
me........I love you sister for reaching out this night of divine
connection. Thank you for loving the Lord and for the sweet
loving kind heart you have towards others who are suffering.
You are a true blessing......... and I pray that every seed that
you have sowed into others lives will return back to you


Yep... I was thinking death for sure! but wow, yes all that you
just said makes sense! thank you!


Mia, Thank you so much for the wisdom you have shared with
me. Those are the scriptures that keep coming to me.  Thank
you for your encouragement during this time.


Mia is very accurate in her dream interpretation. All good
things come from the Father!


I thank God for finding this website/group! You don't know
how much I praise the Lord for this group!!


Thanks Mia, i never even wrote which renowned prophet it
was and it was Bob Jones .............. Thanks, that is very
uplifting and encouraging and i really appreciate that so
much. I am glad i found this sight.
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