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Christian Dream Symbol Dictionary: Baby

The theme of babies in dreams is one of the themes we
interpreters see the most.

Babies in dreams often symbolize something new,
something time consuming, something that takes up a lot of
your focus, or something that takes up a lot of your time
and energy - most often, a job or a ministry and sometimes
a marriage.  It can be anything that is a large focus of your
life and takes up your time and your energy.  They can also
represent a unit of time (age of the baby) since something in
your life changed or began.

An important key in interpreting dreams with babies is
paying attention to the age of the baby.  For example if the
baby in your dream is six months old, ask yourself, What did
I start six months ago?

Because babies in dreams are pretty simple and self
explanatory we've included some interpreted dreams which
have been fulfilled to give you an example of how to
interpret a dream with a baby symbol.

I was walking up some stairs, with my wife behind me
carrying a bag,and I was carrying my week old baby
daughter =). I knew in the dream that she was a week old.
I'm holding her on my left hand in front of me (her head is
resting in my palm), and she is asleep. I walk into a
room where people from my church are, it was for a party
or meeting or something, a few ladies are there from my
church (only remember one of their faces) in a row looking
at the baby. One asks me "I thought it was supposed to be
a boy?" and I said "no no, it was always going to be a girl."
It was like the first time we'd brought our daughter for
people to see. I walked around the room and I see my mate
there, and he's all "well done jordo, nice work, she's
beautiful" etc etc. Then I put my right hand against her
cheek, and immediately she wakes up, eyes open, and is
laughing hysterically like something out of funniest home
video's. She's laughing her little head off, and I said to my
friend "man that's really weird, I didn't think babies laughed
after just a week, I thought that happened later!" He then
says "no jordo, somethings wrong! that's definitely not
right." I look at her again, and I said "wow, look at her go!" I
hand her over to him and he looks her up and down, with a
really concerned look on his face. Meanwhile my daughter
is still laughing. He then says "man this is weird, I really
think you need to take her to hospital, because this just isn't
right! Babies don't laugh a week after they're born!"
And that was it.

I think that this dream is not quite like your other dreams
with your children in them (which are glimpses into your
future). This dream is a very simple dream that symbolizes
that you are about to take on a new thing that is going to
be a source of GREAT joy.
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Copyright 2008 Mia Sherwood Ministries
Are you starting something new with respect to work or ministry or anything of the sort?
Yes, in fact on Thursday I am starting my job working for the Australian government!
....................The light at the end of the tunnel never felt so sweet.

Dream #2
I had a dream last night that I was taking care of someone else's baby boy.  He was about
6 months old. I toke him everywhere I went. I drew really attached to him and he drew
attached to me as well. When it was time for his mother to pick him up, I did not want to
see him go. The baby started to pull away from his mother because he wanted to stay
with me. The mother was shocked because she thought her baby was so attached to her.

I am fairly confident that this dream is about your job as a contractor.....I had the sense in
the dream interpretation that it was about a temp. job so knowing now that you are a
contractor it seems to fit perfectly to me.

I would say that when the time comes to separate your company won't want to let you go.
I hope that's good news.

I found out this morning that the Director of my department noticed that it is time to renew
my contract but she has decided that she wants to bring me on full time!!!!!!  God is an
awesome God!!!!!

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