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To visit a person's house or to have a person visit your
house can be a phone call, instant message, or email.  
Occasionally it will be an actual visit but actual visits are
normally symbolized by a person in our car.

Your house: Peace, where you are supposed to be in
ministry, human body, rest, comfort, home, your actual
house, first church - original church - church.

Attic: Memories, thoughts, mind, anything pertaining to your

Basement: hiding place, subconscious, depression,

Bathroom: Urinary tract, kidney, bladder, cleansing,
purification, expelling.

Bedroom, bed: Intimacy, sex, intimacy, hidden things, rest,
covenant or agreements, rest, sleep, private matters,

Dining Room:  Daily bread, consuming the Word, last
supper, being fed, fellowship.

Family room:  Real life interaction with family members, note
who is in the famly room and the topic discussed or the
interaction happening.

Home office or den:  Serious matters, household matters.

Kitchen - stomach, digestive tract, preparation for teaching,
heart matters, true motives, note what is spoken: out of the
abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.]

Upstairs - second floor: See attic.  Going higher.

Roof - see attic, avoiding confrontation, maintaining peace.
covering, protection.

Outside the house:

Yard - could be actual yard, in public view, displayed,
geographic location - N S E W.

Childhood home - things from your past.

Notice what is the condition of your home.  Suddenly new
could be a change for the better, or an increase in value.  
Rundown could be things that need to be repaired. A
disorganized home in your dream may be things out of
whack within yourself, a messy family room may be issues
that need to be worked out in your family. A sparkling home
would be things in order.  
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Garage - where your symbolic car is supposed to be.

Garden - digestive tract, the spiritual harvest, ministry.

Heavenly place: Spirit realm, church sanctuary, heaven.

Hotel:  Social event, social life, reception, ball.

Jail or prison: Bondage, captivity, restriction, lack of freedom, preparation - placement
(Joesph), if leaving - deliverance.

Mall:  Market place, financial matters, finance, provision, necessities.  Bear in a mall - Bear
Market, Bull in a mall - Bull Market

Restaurant - Feeding on the word, churches, ministries.

School, library - education, learning, knowledge, lessons. Continually failing in your
classes could mean that you feel like you "aren't learning your lesson" because you keep
repeating the same dumb mistakes. Having a dream that you are missing classes could
mean that you feel like you are "missing it" with regard to what God is trying to teach you
or missing it in another area of your life where you should be getting it. Wondering if you
are going to graduate could be that you have a fear of failing in life, of not being able to
get it right. You could feel like you are trying as hard as you can but you don't feel like it's  
good enough.

Vineyard - see garden.