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To dream of being in your car represents something that is
going to happen in your waking reality.

we have a spirit and soul but we live in and get around in a

In dreams our house is often our body but our car can also
represent our body.  It is the body that we get around in.

Oftentimes, what happens in our car will soon happen in our
waking lives.  For instance, to speak to someone whom you
haven't spoken to in years, while in your car, often foretells
speaking to that person in real life.

Another meaning that we often see when interpreting
dreams are cars represent the means to accomplish a
purpose.  A good example of this is this dream:  
I had a
dream last night I was driving a car on a remote highway
near where I grew up. I was taking a guy to church (irl this
is a very dead church.) The guy could have been my saved
biological brother who died a few years ago or a spiritual
brother with the same name, I'm not sure.

We were not far from the church and we were in the middle
of a traffic jam (as far as I know, there has never been a
traffic jam there, like I said, it's a very rural location.) When
it was my turn to inch ahead, I'd shift the car in neutral, get
out and push the car. (As far as I know, my passenger
wasn't helping steer or brake.) My car never hit another
car; pushing the vehicle seemed like a sensible thing to do
in the dream.

Eventually the traffic dissipated, but instead of turning on
the engine, I continued to push the car. I ran at least 55-65
mph without any effort and the car stayed on the highway
even though nobody was steering it. We got to church
safely, I wasn't even tired and my hair and clothes looked

The dreamer of that dream was trying to record music with
a producer (the person in the passenger seat who was
doing nothing to help). Eventually she bought equipment to
record music herself and it went very well just like pushing
the car in the dream.

Vehicles can also symbolize a means of accomplishing a
purpose or a means of communication or a means of
transmitting something.

Some important things to note when dreaming about cars,

Is your car out of gas?  Could symbolize a need to rest.  

Does your car need repair?  Could symbolize your life out
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of order. Sometimes it can represent the health of your body.

Which way are you driving?  
  • Backwards - means you are doing things backwards.
  • Driving backwards but in the right direction - you are doing the right thing but going
    about it the wrong way.
  • Going the wrong way up a one way street - you are heading in the wrong direction.
  • Police in your rear view mirror - check yourself, are you disobeying the law?
  • Being pulled over - STOP NOW.
  • Stopping when you see police pulling other people over to make sure they aren't
    trying to stop you - doing a self check. In this case the police let you go - you are
    doing fine.
  • Facing and looking out the back window - looking into your past, people from the past.
  • Driving from the back seat - feeling of having very little control or unsafe situations.
  • Someone else driving your car - someone else controlling your life.
  • Driving someone else's care - controlling their life.
  • Following another car - being together, submitting, being a follower.
  • Sitting in the passenger seat - passivity, is the person being helpful or not?
  • Sitting in the back seat looking forward - being driven, who is driving you?  Your
    boss?  Driven at work.  In a race?  Driven to succeed.  Lack of control.
  • Getting a bigger car - increase in your life, job, responsibilities.

What is the road like that you are driving on?  Is it like the real road conditions today? If yes,
it's about what is going on in your life today.  If the road is bumpy, slippery, winding, it could
represent the feelings you are currently experiencing.  If the road
up ahead is bumpy,
slippery, winding, etc, it could represent your future.  Where are you looking on the road?  
Ahead = future, behind = past, where we are now = present.  If there is an obstacle in your
way, there could be an obstacle or a hurdle coming in your life.  If you find a way of escape
or an alternate route, it is an encouragement that you will find your way out of the