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Biblical Christian Dream Dictionary Throw out
everything that you've been taught about people in
dreams.  The Holy Spirit has a limitless use for people in
dreams and the way He uses people in dreams is not
something that can be wrapped up neatly in a box.

Some dream sites teach that no matter who the person is
in your dreams that person is some aspect of yourself.  
This teaching is not true for me.  The symbolic use of
people in dreams is not that simple.  I know for a fact
because I dream of national events before they occur and
as a result, seeing the manifestations of my dreams in
reality through the news has taught me that dreams are far
more complex than most dream books adequately convey.  
I've also learned that if a dream book is not biblically based
and you are using that book to interpret dreams which will
have an impact on your life, if you base decisions on the
interpretation derived from a secular book you are playing
with fire.  

Over the years of dream interpretation I've become
increasingly more convinced that most message dreams
from God are the short simple symbolic dreams.  

When interpreting a dream with other people try
interpreting the dream leaving the people out, or just using
a blank for their names instead of trying to interpret
who/what they stand for.
Inanimate objects such as
bundles of wheat, the sun, moon, and stars can all
symbolize people.  Animals can symbolize people, and
even famous people can symbolize people in our lives.  
Many people say that my husband reminds them of Bruce
Willis, so when I dream of Bruce Willis I know that he is
symbolizing my husband.  On the contrary, my husband in
dreams is often symbolic for unknown people.  For
example, I had a dream about fires in California.  In
particular dream my husband was a symbol for someone
who was not taking the situation seriously.

Animals can be symbolic for people.  Often a baby will be
symbolized by a puppy or
a kitten, especially when the
dream is something difficult to face - such as a loss.

pastor or the pastor's family in a dream can symbolize a
Christian whom you do not know.  My pastor symbolized a
person falling in a dream where he crashed a single seater
plane.  A couple of helpful tips in determining if people you
know are symbols or if they are literal are:  Is the dream
symbolic?  Does it have other obviously symbolic elements
involved? Are the people in the dream doing something
that they would not normally do? For instance, my pastor's
daughter was pregnant (and not married).  The Lord
revealed that she was a symbol for another Christian in the
same way my pastor was a symbol in the plane dream.
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Pastor, a Shepherd (or cowboy - same thing), as a Teacher, a Brother, and a host of
other things that are in line with the references to Him in scripture.  He also is often a
person with incredibly indescribable blue eyes which usually leave a profound impact on
the dreamer.  

Your earthly
father in dreams will often symbolize your heavenly Father, especially if your
father's actions in the dream are in line with the character of your heavenly Father.

People are often symbolic of places in dreams.  For example, when I have a dream of a
literal tornado coming in the future the people involved are an indicator of where the
tornado will hit.

Babies are frequently a time marker.  The age of the baby is a clue as to what the
dream is referring to.  See the
baby theme page for a more thorough explanation.

A voice in a dream can be the Holy Spirit, the Father, the Son, an angel or your own
spirit.  I have not had it happen myself but if you read the book of Job we can also hear a
voice in the night that is an evil voice.  However, I believe that the voice in Job came while
the person was awake, not in a dream.

person whom you do not know that causes you to feel incredible love, peace, joy,
happiness, etc., is often the Lord.

Person in a dream who you sense the presence of but you cannot see -  Often
the Holy Spirit or an Angel.  Sometimes a person you sense but cannot see can be a fear
of something or of a situation that feels real but does not actually exist.  What
characteristics does that person have or make you feel?  

Unknown Man - can be a threat, an angel, the Lord.

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