Vision Interpretation
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CAUTION:  When searching for the meanings of symbols
in your dreams please keep in mind that the symbols in a
dream must be interpreted within the context of the
dream.     You will not get an accurate dream
interpretation by defining a dream by it's symbols.  
Symbols are defined by the dream.  If you try to do it in
reverse you will end up with confusion and frustration.

If you try to interpret a dream using a standard symbol
definition as a hard fast rule, and as a result the dream
interpretation doesn't make sense, you have just reached
the point described above.

Each symbol, in each dream, must be interpreted within
the context of the dream for the interpretation to be
accurate.  Ie.  The definition of a symbol for a puppy
licking your face in a dream would not be the same as the
symbolism involved in a strange dog biting your hand.

Please understand that although we provide a dream
dictionary, hard and fast rules for symbols DO NOT
WORK.  Symbols will be as varied as each person
dreaming a dream.  A symbol of a dog to a dog lover
would not be the same as the symbol of a dog to a person
who was ferociously attacked.  Therefore, look at the
dream and think, what does this symbol mean to me?  
How does it fit within this dream?   And another GREAT
METHOD in understanding God's use of symbols in
dreams is to do a search in the

If you are looking for help in interpreting a dream, below
are some options to help unlock what God is speaking to

  • Study the free, short, dream & vision interpretation
    instruction course to better help you understand the
    use of symbols and the basis of dream

  • Read: Proper use of Dream Symbols.

  • Join Prophetic Dreams - our dream interpretation
    group where you can submit your dream to be
    interpreted or to get help in understanding dream
    interpretation.  There are many seasoned dream
    interpreters there, some with prophetic gifts, to help
    you to understand what God is communicating to
    you through your dreams.  Link below.

  • To facilitate your understanding of God's use of
    symbolism in dreams, browse through the list of
    fulfilled and interpreted dreams and get a real life
    glimpse of symbols defined within the context of the

Bear - Mighty men of war, bear market, Russia, kings,
wicked ruler, predator, violent and enraged like a bear
robbed of her whelps
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