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One of the most common Internet searches for dream
symbols is the search for the meaning of teeth.

When dreaming of teeth, or any other dream, it is
always important to note the feelings in the dream.  
Your feelings will indicate what the dream is about.

Some dreams of teeth falling out precede teeth
actually falling out.  I have had dreams of my teeth
falling out before one had actually fallen out.  Another
time I dreamed that my tooth was turned in the socket
and then I turned it back to the proper position.  This
exact thing happened to my daughter six weeks later.

Are you embarrassed about teeth that fall out?  This
could indicate issues with self esteem or a feeling of
powerlessness over your inability to stop talking.  

I dreamed of a tooth falling out and was horrified.  I
read an interpretation that it could be related to my
feelings of horror when I cannot shut up.   I had exactly
that problem.  Whenever I was nervous I would talk
incessantly and even though I didn't want to be talking
I couldn't stop. It was 100% accurate and from that
time on I no longer had a problem with controlling my

Another interpretation for losing a tooth is that you are
unable to express yourself verbally.

Other people have reported that dreams of teeth
falling out that have preceded a death in the family.

Sharp teeth - overcome an adversary.  

Iron teeth - power to overcome an adversary.

Broken tooth - misplaced confidence.

Falling out - Note the feelings in the dream.  
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