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One way to discern between symbolic tornadoes and literal tornadoes is the atmosphere
way is if the tornado has a personality, it's probably symbolic, ie. It's headed straight for
you like it has you personally in mind to strike.  The main difference that I've noticed
between the two is that when the dream is foretelling a literal tornado, whether it's going to
hit me or someone else, I always dream of covering myself or them up with a blanket,
sleeping bag, or whatever I can find.  The focus of the dream is on protecting yourself
from the storm..  Incidentally, I did not know before dream interpretation that it is
recommended to cover yourself with blankets or other things during a tornado.  When a
tornado is symbolic I may be doing everything else a person would do during a tornado,
like running from the tornado or trying to hide in a basement but the one thing that I do
not do in symbolic tornado dreams is cover myself, or others present, like i do in the
dreams foretelling a literal tornado.

With dreaming of literal tornadoes, in my experience - which may not mean a hill of beans
in your dreams, the people present are indicators of where the tornado is going to hit.  
When I lived in Texas I dreamed of my
grandfather and other Floridian family members in
a tornado with me. I was covering them up with blankets trying to protect them.  This
dream preceded Hurricane Wilma and a tornado that went right over the town my family
lived in by two weeks.   Another dream had McAllen friends in it  and you guessed it..that
tornado came to McAllen within a month.

If I don't know anyone in the dream, or if I can't recognize the people in the dream, but I
am trying to cover them up with blankets and such, the tornado has nothing to do with me.
It is a literal tornado which will hit somewhere else and the dream is for intercession for the
people that it will affect, like those below.

Literal Tornado Dream Examples:

2007 McAllen Tornado          2007 Greensburg Tornado           2008 Atlanta Tornado
Christian Dream Dictionary: Tornado
Isaiah 21:1 ....Disaster is roaring down on you from the
desert, like a whirlwind sweeping in from the Negev.

Biblically speaking, whirlwinds are tornadoes.  The above
scripture is the definition of tornadoes in dreams.

Tornadoes are something that I never want to see in my
dreams.  They have never meant anything positive with
the exception that for every tornado dream that I've
experienced the Lord has shown me that I would
overcome it.

In my experience tornadoes represent situations or
people which cause tremendous emotional turmoil.  Think:
 not good.  The reason for such a strong symbol is that
they represent the strongest situations of personal

I had a time in my life when i went through a "Joseph"
experience, which was ironic considering that we are both
dreamers and interpreters.  I was falsely accused of a
thing by someone bent on revenge.  Several weeks
before I was apprised of the situation I dreamed of a
tornado that hit my house even though I got everyone in
the basement and did what I was supposed to do.  I can
remember being so angry in the dream that it hit my
house in spite of the fact that I did everything the way I
was supposed to do it.  When the situation became a
reality, shortly thereafter, I became extremely angry that I
was going through this in spite of having done everything
over and above the way I was supposed to have done it.  
As soon as the words came out of my mouth I knew this
situation was the reality of the tornado dream that I had
had.  During the trial each time that a new development
arose I would have a tornado dream the day of the
development as a way of God showing me the events
before they manifested as an awesome comfort to
acknowledge that He had not left me alone.  The most
comforting tornado dream was when the Lord showed me
six on my horizon and as I watched, every one dissipated
into thin air right before my every eyes.  I knew that it
meant that all the things that I was facing were going to
amount to nothing and THANK YOU FATHER!  That's
exactly what became of the situation - nothing.  In the end,
one of the last tornado dreams that I had about the
situation was a tornado that turned around and headed in
the direction on the map of my accuser.  The tables
turned in reality and they were called onto the carpet.

In contrast to a symbolic tornado dream is the literal
tornado dream, which looks just like a symbolic tornado
dream in a lot of respects.  They are so similar that they
can be hard to tell apart but I've had enough of them that
there are some subtle differences that make some of
them easy to discern.
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