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Water is a VERY common theme in dreams.  When
interpreting a dream with water as an important part of the
dream, emotions in the dream are usually crucial for

Water typically symbolizes two major things, emotions or
spiritual life.  How to determine which is completely
dependent on the feelings experienced in the dream.

Using your worksheet, note the
emotions you feel
regarding the circumstances with water, and then make a
note of the
surroundings and people in the dream.

Baptism - fresh start, rebirth.

If the major theme in the dream is rain or water
washing over your body which feels wonderful:
cleansing, salvation, spiritual refreshing, undeserved

If calm, peaceful, refreshing and sweet, pools or
wells of water:
Life in the spirit, church, or ministry.

Turbulent, troubled, raging, rushing, up to your neck:
Emotional turmoil.  If your body is in the troubled waters it is
often anxiety related to actual or perceived health
situations.  In a boat is often related to your life but not
necessarily health related.

Flowing water - The flow of the Holy Spirit.

River of water -  If sweet, clean, refreshing, can be life in
the spirit, river of living water.

Turbulent river of water if the emotions or feelings in the
dream are fear and anxiety it will be a situation producing

Ocean or sea - Alone could be loneliness, or lack of help.  
Adrift - lack or forward momentum.

Tsunami - feeling overwhelmed, devastation.

The context of the dream will help determine the symbols of

Often means emotional turmoil, cleansing, salvation.

  • Dirty:  Trouble, problems
  • Turbulent:  Fear, emotional turmoil.
  • Up to your neck:  Oppression, difficulties, trouble,
  • Clean/clear: cleansing power of the blood of Christ,
    Salvation, life in the Spirit
  • Over your head: in over your head, overwhelmed,
    powerless, depression
  • Body of water:  Note the size of the water which
    equals the size of the turmoil or problems.
  • Waterfalls:  If going over the falls = danger or
    anxiety.  If watching and peaceful - beauty and
  • White water:  Out of control
  • Calm, clear pool or well - Life in the Spirit or
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